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Quote: Originally Posted by DucatiCole What boots are those!? I've been looking for something exactly like that. Those are the NDC Basils, courtesy of Peasant.
Had to go with Rye on the color. Wish i could pull of color like that.
Quote: Originally Posted by cldpsu What sams are those? Ummm...i don't remember the exact model. It's the contest samurais.
haha, sauce bringing out the inapt p. It's like old reliable, at least that's how i feel about mine.
Postcards from the Edge EG Sweater Sams NDC
i have a similar wardrobe to Sauce...and i have to concur, it's going to be tough to do round 2. I tried to assemble something just for the hell of it and i gave up after 5 minutes. There's always time to go shopping.
wow this sounds fun.
Derome Cplus oversized hood SExIHbk Springcourt PBJ tote filled with denim
43 to 43. Do i get to do the tie breaker?
Those Madras shorts are amazing.
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