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Late to the party as usual, but genuinely surprised at how high I score on both basic and advanced lists. I thought I'd be a 25% guy but it's more like 75% on both.Having just returned from a holiday in California, which took in Santa Cruz, I think I'd pay money to see this.
Today I wore a wool tie. It felt entirely appropriate to the weather. In the middle of the 'summer' months.
Thanks. It's a suit so yes, the trousers and jacket are identical in terms of material (can't see any difference in the photo on my monitor to be honest).
Catch-up:If I was nitpicking I'd agree with those who said that white trousers/chinos would be an improvement over jeans to match the formality of the top half (and the jeans could do with hemming) - but in terms of basic combining and colour co-ordination, this is spot on.Funnily enough, I didn't immediately think 'loose the tie' here, but rather that it was screaming out for a solid colour knit.
Today dawned bright, sunny and warm. I concluded with joy that it would become the first linen suit day of the summer: The clouds darkened toward the end of the morning, the rain started at lunch and by the time I went home it was peeing down. Ah, the joys of summer in Western Europe!
Though I could quibble about about the flower-thing in your lapel in the first fit, you're pulling off both with aplomb. Which, frankly, is impressive.
A possibly worthless two-peneth: I think the bottom half is just fine & the top looks too 'suity'. Swap in a brown or blue cord or cotton jacket and you're sorted.Who was the poster from the good old days who did this every day (not Kiton Brioni)?
First of all, congratulations for having the right idea on this: Like the poster above said, shaving your hair is a million miles better than any of the alternatives. Secondly, I don't think baldness is really much of an issue with choosing things like colours (that's more about what goes with your skin tone) or styles. Oh yeah: Having a good body and tailoring your clothes goes with everything.
Nature abhors a vacuum. Most particularly the one inside an empty belt-loop.
New Posts  All Forums: