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Decided to wear a purple shirt this morning, so Bois De Violette today
Mitsouko edp todaay, SL Rose De Nuit tonight. Stinking hot weather returns for tomorrow and friday unforch so it'll be back to summer scents.
Iris Silver Mist today
Stinking hot today, aqua allegoria pamplelune. Sycomore last night.
Timbuktu today, then Dzongkha this evening... I think i want a bottle. Borneo 1834 yesterdee.
Cuir mauresque yesterday, el attarine today. Syrupy apricot.
Sycomore yesterday, Mûre et Musc today. The blackberry was long gone by this evening but some musk had stuck around, so some MKK on top since it has been a while.
Would like to second this - I can't think of many things that brighten up my usually mundane day at the office as much as following a scent's development over the course of a couple of hours. I've learnt a heck of alot from this thread, Dane's site, Turin's guide and even the men's fragrances thread on sz. Thank you.Eau noire today (curry, then curry mixed with caramel; some lavender in there), philosykos yesterday and saturday.
Today was the hottest day in months, Philosykos. Sequoia yesterday, had a christening on Sunday so La Myrrhe (keeping with the religious theme and all0
New Posts  All Forums: