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Stinking hot weather, Philosykos last night and today.
Was not at all happy about going back to work, so Black Aoud today (with the firm intention of offending all around me ).
La Myrrhe today (unseasonally cold, rainy), keeping with the day's theme and all. L'eau Froide yesterday (for the frankincense). Unforch I don't have anything which smells of gold :/
Over the past few days: Oud 27, Dzongkha, French Lover, No. 19.
Aoud cuir d'arabie to stink up the first half of today. Sycomore tonight
Give Rien from Etat Libre d'Orange a try.. leather rather than musk with a healthy dose of animal
Iris silver mist today
SL Eau Froide today. Lovely citrus + incense, with a strong ginger blast at the opening. Perfect for warm weather.
Bois de violette today. French lover, timbuktu (quickly becoming a favourite) and ambre sultan over the past few days.
New Posts  All Forums: