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Egoïste today.
Jasmin et cigarette today. Much more jasmine than cigarette, still enjoying it immensely. Odd, since I never used to like white florals and haven't worn one in a long time.
Cuir Mauresque today, Mure et Mûsc yesterday
Borneo today, Sables yesterday
Cuir Mauresque yesterday, plan to stink in meeting backfired since it was postponed at the last minute to late in the afternoon. CFO was instead treated to a sweet leather :/. Stinking hot today, Chanel PM.
Mitsouko EDP today. Have a meeting with the company's CFO (whom i can't stand) tomorrow. I want to stink. Will be one of MKK,Cuir Mauresque or Oud Cuir D'arabie (thanks for bringing it to mind Horns)
Stinking hot, SL Eau Froide. Ginger, citrus, incense.
Sycomore today. Could swim in this stuff.
Sunday was hot and muggy, Borneo 1834; Sables for the cool change yesterday. I had a decant of Dzing! come in yesterday and today is still nice and cool, so i'm thinking a trip to the circus is in order
Timbuktu today. Dry, woody, without any one note in particular jumping out.
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