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Tom of Finland today
Timbuktu today. Dry, dusty incense/wood. Perfect for a warmer day
Philtre d'Amour today. Long lasting citrus.
S-ex today. Cool, sweetish leather. Works pretty well in warm weather
Can I get a form check please? (Apologies for the dodgy vid quality, limited places to place my phone)
^ Me too, was wearing dark green trousers & wanted a dark green scent to go with. Off to Bali tomorrow, will probably be Caldey Island Lavender for the week. Don't think the heat + humidity will permit anything else.
Sycomore today,Douce Amère yesterdee.
S-ex today.
Duel today, Cuir Mauresque yesterday
We've had some reprieve from the disgusting heat, Egoïste today, Black yesterday, MKK sat night.
New Posts  All Forums: