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Over the past few days: Oud 27, Dzongkha, French Lover, No. 19.
Aoud cuir d'arabie to stink up the first half of today. Sycomore tonight
Give Rien from Etat Libre d'Orange a try.. leather rather than musk with a healthy dose of animal
Iris silver mist today
SL Eau Froide today. Lovely citrus + incense, with a strong ginger blast at the opening. Perfect for warm weather.
Bois de violette today. French lover, timbuktu (quickly becoming a favourite) and ambre sultan over the past few days.
Had a decant of french lover come in yesterday, wore it today. Wears quite close to the skin, very 'green', with a note that's almost reminiscent of a wet cigar. Love it. Need more green scents.
Cool and overcast (thankfully) both today and yesterday, Sables today (very dry, + i don't find the curry note in this to be anywhere near as strong as the one in eau 'indian buffet' noire). Sycomore yesterday.
Timbuktu today. I think i'm warming to the idea of incense based scents for the summer, can definitely see TImbuktu and SL Eau Froide working (at least for days < 25C). I had always considered incense to be a winter-only note, but in timbuktu it's rather light, almost transparent (as opposed to avignon, for example).
New Posts  All Forums: