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S-ex today. Cool, sweetish leather. Works pretty well in warm weather
Can I get a form check please? (Apologies for the dodgy vid quality, limited places to place my phone)
^ Me too, was wearing dark green trousers & wanted a dark green scent to go with. Off to Bali tomorrow, will probably be Caldey Island Lavender for the week. Don't think the heat + humidity will permit anything else.
Sycomore today,Douce Amère yesterdee.
S-ex today.
Duel today, Cuir Mauresque yesterday
We've had some reprieve from the disgusting heat, Egoïste today, Black yesterday, MKK sat night.
Bois de Violette today. Prob my favourite lutens, but not the one I wear the most
Cuir Mauresque today. Not my favourite Lutens, but probably the one i wear the most.
Like CDG2, or the first few minutes of Oud 27French liver today, mûre et musc yesterday.
New Posts  All Forums: