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Does mohair shed enough to be a pain in the arse? Am eyeing a scarf that's 70% mohair, 30% polyamide.. won't cop if it's going to leave shit everywhere
The only other white shoes I've worn are cp lows:
Want to shout out to @CSCoHammers7, had given up all hope of finding the daisy print shorts, Drinkwater's had a pair, I rang up and dealt with Steven.. they got to me in Paris in less than a week
I was going to mention Pamplelune as a guerlain suitable for guys, great summer scent. Another one that comes to mine is philtre d'amour (old formula, the bottle looks like a sex toy); also great for summer, citrus with a light touch of jasmine and iris.
Have been listening to the new badbadnotgood album IV, love this track:
Mendittorosa le mat today. Heady mix of rose / chamomile up top, then immortelle (but softer than say eau noire or sables) and patchouli. Lovely stuff.
Overseas atm and had to vote at the embassy; wore 'afternoon of a faun' by ELDO for the polished wooden floor smell that would have been in the air had I voted in some church hall back home. Yes I was thinking this as I applied it.
So I picked up a new bottle of sycomore, and it's considerably darker in colour than my previous bottle. Reformulated? Fake?? I tried spraying one on each arm; but unfortunately I have a cold at the moment so my sense of smell is greatly diminished Edit: don't think it's fake; has the magnetized cap + a spray on the wrist lasted overnight. We'll see how it compares to the old bottle once this cold has passed
Bought a Blackmeans double rider in sheepskin from ssense, one of my best purchases ever. Leather smells and feels amazing, jacket fits beautifully (size up, I'm 177cm, 75 kg; bought a large)
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