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Some welcome cooler weather in Sydney, eau noire today and rien yesterday
Le labo patchouli. Smells like a mad scientist's lab. That caught fire
Vintage bandit edt today. The girl I sat across from on the train winced as I sat down
My one enduring memory of uk girls (in the uk, there are heaps in sydney). Night out in Bournemouth, walking back to the car and one squats to pee in a shop front, says to her boyfriend 'stand in front of me babe, I don't want em to see me nickers'... She was so big even with him standing in front of her I could still see her either side of him. Like a partial solar eclipse
French lover today. Galbanum and something peppery, then incense and wood. Works well on a warm day
Two (comparatively) cooler days in sydney, leather oud today and vintage mitsouko extrait yesterday.
Incense Oud last night. More 'catholic mass' than Oud
^ play rugby league instead, at lock.
Have rediscovered Eau Noire, wore it yesterday and again today. Lots of lavender up top then enough immortelle to knock flies out of the air. Love it.
Sables today
New Posts  All Forums: