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Egoïste today. Herbal top notes, moving into a stewed fruit middle + dry down
ELDO Rien today and yesterday. Noticed the incense in the dry down much more so than in the past after it was pointed out. Great dry (as in lacking sweetness) leather.
I don't mind Antiheros for a summer scent: smells like lavender soap and fades into musk.I'm wearing Eau Noire today. Lavender and enough immortelle to kill a water buffalo
^ I work with clowns
I'm wearing Dzing! because I wanted to smell like a circus
^i like it so much I sprayed it 5 times
I love arabie, I haven't worn it in a while but I remember it smelling really strongly of dates and other dried fruit. I love dates and other dried fruit. Patchouli 24 yesterday + last night, and probably again tonight. Smells like a chemical spill... that caught fire
Today is cool and windy so I'm wearing bois d'encens. Doesn't last long unforch, 6 hours in and almost undetectable
I'm wearing philosykos because it is sunny out and figs are in season and I fel like smelling like a fig tree
SL eau froide today. Wore it heaps last summer, this is the first wearing for this year... Ginger and citrus with some cardamom up top and frankincense following
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