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^ I work with clowns
I'm wearing Dzing! because I wanted to smell like a circus
^i like it so much I sprayed it 5 times
I love arabie, I haven't worn it in a while but I remember it smelling really strongly of dates and other dried fruit. I love dates and other dried fruit. Patchouli 24 yesterday + last night, and probably again tonight. Smells like a chemical spill... that caught fire
Today is cool and windy so I'm wearing bois d'encens. Doesn't last long unforch, 6 hours in and almost undetectable
I'm wearing philosykos because it is sunny out and figs are in season and I fel like smelling like a fig tree
SL eau froide today. Wore it heaps last summer, this is the first wearing for this year... Ginger and citrus with some cardamom up top and frankincense following
I love the opening, smells like ink to me
It's hot today, felt like wearing FM eau de magnolia. Wasn't wearing my glasses when I came to apply and unfortunately the sample atomiser i have it in is identical to one containing Leather Oud... 4 sprays before I noticed
ELDO Antiheros today. Lavender soap. I usually prefer smelling skanky rather than clean but it's bloody hot and humid today
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