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Bought a Blackmeans double rider in sheepskin from ssense, one of my best purchases ever. Leather smells and feels amazing, jacket fits beautifully (size up, I'm 177cm, 75 kg; bought a large)
Bois de violette today; because I thought I smelt the perfume on someone yesterday and it brought it to mind
^ I've been eating okinawan sweet potatoes (white outside, purple interior) heaps lately. Roast them in the oven with olive oil, salt, cinnamon and a light drizzle of honey
IIRC just off blvd saint germain on rue de l'ecole de medecin there's 'patisserie viennoise', ignore the two ogresses that work there, the gingerbread is the best i've ever had. Dense enough to stop a bullet. The 'cornes' (horns) with poppyseed (pavot) or walnut filling are also amazing. But have the gingerbread.
Scant information about them online, in English at least. Seems to be run by Japanese obsessives, can't be a bad thing!
^ I'd only decided about a week ago that I wanted one ha. Bought this Blackmeans from ssense:
I'll look into those options, thanks. I hadn't really done any research, decided I wanted a perfecto and that margiela was one of the first I saw. Don't want/need super thick leather as I'm in Sydney and it's too hot most of the time (also, don't own a bike lol)
Just received an email saying my order has been cancelled, there doesn't appear to be any others in a 48 online :/
Just picked this up from Barneys, had been eyeing it for a while, and they took an extra 700 or so from the price yesterday. http://www.barneys.com/maison-margiela-calfskin-moto-jacket-503833465.html
Finished my first bottle today, S perfumes S-Ex. Cool leather with musk. Have already bought a replacement, seems to have been reformulated; opens slightly harsher and not as sweet.
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