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I'm wearing philosykos because it is sunny out and figs are in season and I fel like smelling like a fig tree
SL eau froide today. Wore it heaps last summer, this is the first wearing for this year... Ginger and citrus with some cardamom up top and frankincense following
I love the opening, smells like ink to me
It's hot today, felt like wearing FM eau de magnolia. Wasn't wearing my glasses when I came to apply and unfortunately the sample atomiser i have it in is identical to one containing Leather Oud... 4 sprays before I noticed
ELDO Antiheros today. Lavender soap. I usually prefer smelling skanky rather than clean but it's bloody hot and humid today
FM French Lover today. Galbanum, woods with a touch of incense. Middle and base notes are super dry - works well in the heat
I wore El Attarine yesterday. I mustn't be very susceptible to cumin, I don't really get spices (or any violet), just apricots and wood
Unaustralian.Stinking hot today, philosykos for fig tree freshness
Felt like smelling like a circus today, so Dzing. All the talk about Timbuktu had me thinking about Timbuktu, wore it yesterday... Don't get any celery or anything fresh, just dry woods and incense
Eau noire today. Prob too warm for it, meh, the immortelle will keep the flies at bay
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