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Because of these things that have happened, from the timeout of mine previous, and now of the LabelKing. I feel this melencholy,mixed with a possible paranoia growing. I have not been outside the home, for 1 week now, as 2 men stand on the corner outside waiting. Savile suits, waist suppression, captoes, sometimes bent behind newspaper box. Last night I saw their cufflinks flash against headlights. How can I be, living like this, in this prison did I create it? I...
Quote: Originally Posted by minya don't worry, Vaclav.. I'm still your smooth buddy. and I know you're still down with the street crew. I am happy to hear this. Soon I'll post my street style.
Minya, What happened to the friendship we had previous? I feel a change since the SF crashed.Although really, I still am the same inside.
Quote: Originally Posted by denimdestroyedmylife There's a club if you'd like to go you could meet somebody who really loves you so you go, and you stand on your own and you leave on your own and you go home, and you cry and you want to die This is more or less how I felt, but without wanting to die. Roma, I met a Bukowski once, at the beer garden.He spoke like a normal person, to my ear.
Quote: Originally Posted by SGladwell I think HL sneakers are far higher in quality than your typical plastic Nikes. Ditto Reiter Sports. I don't know about Nike so much, except for the original Cortez,they were not plastic. How many games of tennis,can you play in the HL you are talking?
A bad habit perhaps (1 not from Astoria, yo), but it doesn't cost me anything, in fact I am saving the time from those 2 keys I'm not pressing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart after the crash I have a newfound respect and admiration of Vaclav with his knowledge of suedeheads, agnostic front lyrics, and other 'in crowd' intangibles. Thank you for props, and since I have discovered, you are actually the heir to the Modfather. But,,let me break my feelings down for some 1 other here, with a lyric you might reckonize. "Stabbed me in the back Somone I trusted Let's get things...
Quote: Originally Posted by seok I was referring to the bicycle front and occassional super bulky rubber soles the when I mentioned KC--the two qualities I associate the brand with. 13 out of 19 have the leather sole.
Was this 1 posted at Andy's? I was curious to see the comment there,but could not find the thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by whoopee Vaclav, free style a lament for this crumbling bastion of the trad! I am not so sad, as the socks are what I care for 2nd, the most in the store, far behind 1 wonderful saleswoman who walks through my dream with a tape measure hanging out of her pocket.
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