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Quote: Originally Posted by quest786 Did you size up from your regular size? I wear a large usually,was wondering if XL will be the right size to order.. I normally wear L, and sized up to XL. It fits me well, pretty much like a classic-fit Polo in large would. These are pretty nice shirts, although for the $500 retail price it would need to come with a blow job or something.
Sweet, thanks!
What the hell league is that where they let one of those guys slip to the 2nd? I had the 11th pick, took Barber and then got Lynch on the way back up. Brady, Manning and Moss all went in the 1st, which is reasonable. I got lucky that the 12th pick took Larry Johnson and then Reggie Bush on the way back up. He's new to the league, and I don't know him, so... It's generally a pretty competitive league. The first year my friend's brother and I tied in the final,...
Here's mine. 12 team league, ppr. QB Carson Palmer RB Marshawn Lynch RB Marion Barber WR Plaxico Burress WR Greg Jennings WR/RB Fred Taylor TE Chris Cooley K Nate Kaeding DST Redskins Kitna Tatum Bell C. Taylor Stallworth Javon Walker James Hardy I'm feeling ok this year.
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman Kwilk, nice buy on the Cragganmore. Tell me, o chef, do you get bananas out of the nose like I find so prevalent? Tonight I have 2oz Chopin, 1 oz White Lillet, 1/4 oz, St. Germain, with a twist on top. Lovely, lovely, lovely -- squeaky clean and just a touch citrusy. Mmmmmmmmm. ~ Huntsman That sounds delicious.
Currently a 2005 Simi Chardonnay, which is just ok. Think I'll switch to the Balvenie Doublewood when this bottle is done.
Well, this thread inspired me to go out and buy some creme de violette and some sloe gin. That Aviation is very tasty.
Quote: Originally Posted by adidassler Northern California.. half an hour south of SF? lol, 3 DC residents to 33 non-DC residents.. seems pretty proportional. I grew up around there. Where exactly are you? Alexandria, VA
I use Presto Valet on Quaker (across from Fairlington) for dry cleaning/laundering shirts. I like them, although I can't say I have a ton of knowledge on what makes a "great" dry cleaner. They've never destroyed anything at least. Not the cheapest place in the neighborhood, either. And second the recommendation of Field's. Great tailor.
Jameson 18
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