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Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol No, probably not, but this is a ridiculous hypothetical and doesn't prove anything. I dress to be happy with how I present myself to others, not necessarily because they will like how I dress (they usually don't). If I was the only person living I'd have bigger issues than dressing well. Is that how you draw a circle on the internets?
Quote: Originally Posted by Coho Is it more arousing doing it with a random stranger knowing that you can't touch that person? I haven't tried yet, but it certainly beats sitting in a bar in San Francisco watching some chick playing with a metal pole. Opinion, comments....? Are you an out of work 16yro page by chance? I might could recommend someone for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by celery And the most encouraging one he'll ever have is the day he realises that in order for well dressed, well mannered people to exist, we need the douchebags. QFT. Seriously thought, how many AV Geeks vs. Jocks sartorial threads do we need here? Does the guy in the too tight pink polo really make everyone here feel that insecure?
What about the hot chicks who date d-bags? I mean, its eponymous... right?
"Workout" my ass... you plan on tucking them into your UGG boots, dont lie.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire ... And if she was not showing the brown eye, no harm, no foul (excuse the pun). ROTL, some bird spreading her ass cheeks in a NYPD blue esp would have been legendary, I cant think of any show that wouldnt benefit from a random shot of ye ol poop shoot. Although they should have sued them for Dennis Franz always going on about his "prostrate" for like a whole season.
JPG for above the waist. Prorsum for below. YSL for giving Lanvin something to aspire to.
Quote: Originally Posted by Coho While I don't know much about investing at this point because I have to focus on my school work, my father is very experienced at this point. He did well during the internet boom with AOL and later eBay since he was close friends with the guys at Benchmark Capital, a high profile firm in Northern California. He told me that the next big thing might be bio-informatics. As the pharmaceutical companies are somewhat...
Not sure if this hase been rec'd yet but why not buy the some black cargo pants and have a horizontal loop sewn to side of the pocket for clipping things that need be clipping. This would be easier and cheaper to do than say buying pants sans slash pockets and having the cargo pokets added.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt With investing as with cleavage, the best is the original way. Buy companies selling for less than they are worth. LOL, whats the original cleavage you refer to and how is it like investing? Are you referring to the cyclical nature inherent,
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