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Quote: Originally Posted by Sigmatic 5ep IS sold a Bloomies, but they're right next to the Chimala and PRPS.... You got me there if they are stocked in every bloomies. My point is that the jappy brands dont have to contend with the American premium jean market the way American niche brands do. And in order to become profitable some ascension into "Mall brand" territory is required, thereby losing some of their "authenticity bs" appeal.
Quote: Originally Posted by Denimbar I can certainly understand that you want the cheapest price but that opens a new can of worms. If you want the cheapest you will NOT get the best fabric with the best washes nor will you get the most responsible labor practices. So if you are willing to give up a lot of those things the product is readily available in most department stores including target and Wal-Mart. In the end the consumer needs to either suck...
Quote: Originally Posted by j I have no idea what people who read and comply with instructions on billboards are thinking at any time. Probably: "Hey! I bought my condo from that guy! Teehee..." Sorry, I'll leave you guys to solving para/medical/legal issues.
This reminds me, I always thought "The Vagina Monologues" sounded too pretentious. I think it would have been better served by being named "Cooter Talk".
Didn't he just ink a deal with Apple for 400mil to release the Beatles catalog on Itunes? 48mil and he's done w/ her, plus he gets to keep his castle. She gets 70k a yr in child support and complains that the daughter will have to travel economy whilst the Sir travels first class. I want to punch this lady in the throat.
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC The plaid jacket from Bottega at BG is pretty awesome in person. Yeah but are detachable sleeves really necessary, ever? That and Members Only already did that during the "hey, that guy dresses like a creepy 40 year old" revival. The limited sneakers were the only thing I would buy. Everything else looked like shit people were already wearing.
Skip to about 2:45 into this Vid: Thats what I was expecting to find here. But no, I get "Ice Blocking"(?!?!). This must be how the OP rationalizes sleeping with mentally retarded women.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim oooh... Dynex! lol Best Buy's finest! lol, I think you missed the point. I wasnt bragging about my cheap tv, its a glorified monitor for my mini. I use my setup to watch movies and surf the web from bed.
CBS is going to push whatever sponsor picked this up really hard. It wouldnt surprise me to see their fighters wearing monkey hats urging me to drink Shasta.
My MacBook Pro finally died after 5yrs of abuse. I was going to buy a new one but for a couple hunskies less I was able to go with this config for my room. A Mac Mini Wireless Keybaord/ Mouse 32" Dynex LCD TV
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