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SnoSeal used to be a light brownish-yellow and thicker formula. Since the last few years they've cheapened the formula and it appears to contain less beeswax. The most recent jar I received a year and half ago was white and did rub into the leather slightly easier. However, when you melt sno-seal the slightly ease doesn't matter. My point is that this new formulation of Sno Seal seems cheap and no long resembles beeswax due to thinness and loss of honey color. Obenauf's...
You should have used Lexol/Other Conditioner first and then perhaps used a beeswax based sealant like Obenauf's. Try to avoid neetsfoot oil/ mink oil ect. in the future, while the negative effects immediately aren't noticeable, these tend to rot the leather long term and degrade its physical integrity.
OR You can occasionally curse your genetics under your breath for being prone to having larger pores. I do here and there...
Not bad, and lower cost.Also, with cleansing consider using heavier oils every few days/ once week. I use a castor oil mix on the v-part of my face. I find it effective with other more "common sense" skin care techniques and works pretty well.http://www.theoilcleansingmethod.com/
Try figuring out exactly what your problems are and why you are having pain. Get to the root of the problem. Rhetorically ask, can I successfully judge good advice from bad from a clothes forum of armchair exercise enthusiasts (no hate, I'm here too! ) without any of them ever physically seeing you?.. Probably not. Then ask, do I have the expertise to self-diagnose myself compared those individuals who spend years formally study these topics?.. Again, probably...
If pants are as slim on model as in real life would, be too slim for my tastes. Like linen pants to be fitted, but not that tight, esp. for weather that calls for linen.
What's your trick to waking up on time and reliably when hammered previous night? Seems to be minimal sleep...My problem is it'll g'dam knock me out the next morning if I let go too far and need to be up the next day. So unfortunately the practical side keeps the drunkeness from slipping tooo far.
Nice pic to start things off... Lately I've been on a Calvados kick as it's been an unexplored category of spirit. What are general thoughts on Calvados? I've tried 2 Boulard bottles in the last year. I actually prefer Bouldard's younger Pays d'Auge Gran Solage, even more-so than it's older brother... Very crisp an refreshing on its own, real pleasure to drink. Armagnac is another spirit I need to do some exploration in and would love to hear recommendations under...
FTFY, you're prob on to something.Extra "and"s for full effect (srs).
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