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What's your trick to waking up on time and reliably when hammered previous night? Seems to be minimal sleep...My problem is it'll g'dam knock me out the next morning if I let go too far and need to be up the next day. So unfortunately the practical side keeps the drunkeness from slipping tooo far.
Nice pic to start things off... Lately I've been on a Calvados kick as it's been an unexplored category of spirit. What are general thoughts on Calvados? I've tried 2 Boulard bottles in the last year. I actually prefer Bouldard's younger Pays d'Auge Gran Solage, even more-so than it's older brother... Very crisp an refreshing on its own, real pleasure to drink. Armagnac is another spirit I need to do some exploration in and would love to hear recommendations under...
FTFY, you're prob on to something.Extra "and"s for full effect (srs).
If it were me, I'd rub Obenauf's while they're still crisp and new then do the former. Blacks can go through so much more abuse than white's and still look good.I tend to like my whites when I'm out sober and blacks when out drinking.
A shtty couplet for ya.
This isn't really MC... Depends on the look one's trying to achieve, style of jacket, ect If you like rules thumb whatever, if you would have the jacket with just bare skin underneath it would not show none or very little of your belly when worn. I usually like the jacket to be just under the belt-line, rather than closer to the top. I think sleeve length is more important to the overall look. Seeing a leather jacket being worn showing inches of skin above your wrist is...
Seeing that helps me appreciate my vintage 65/35 Bauer down parka more.
My point other than the review to new SF'ers is that clothing sizing is damn near completely arbitrary. Buy what fits best off the rack. Sizing down isn't always the answer for a good fit, even though this was hammered into people's heads. Clothing shouldn't restrict movement much, this missed an important part of its function. Instead, the right size should be what fits... that might just mean sizing UP.
Just looked at this thread, been off the radar for a while... Still can't get over how under-sized the down parka was from this season. This... http://www.wingsandhorns.com/wp-content/gallery/fall-winter-2011/9.jpg Anyways, I've been looking for a medium-grey flannel down jacket passively for 2-3 years. Saw a beautiful B. Cucinelli jacket a year or two ago online, but over a grand marked down was still too much. So I saw a pic of it on one the stocklists randomly and had...
a.) I'd first try to push them by asking about other options. Ask about options that were in the past, but not presently. b.) See if there's any route you can apply for creating a new exchange with another university. Try to make your own path. c.) If that doesn't work see if you can get pooled in with an exchange for another Aus university's exchange somehow and check those options out. d.) Of the choices if you're sure those are all your options, I'd look at either...
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