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I have a TOJ Camel Varsity size 47 with Brass Snaps fits like a Euro 47-48 jacket (fits probably 37-39" chest since it has gussets). I have pictures and measurements on request. Reasonable price and great condition. I just don't fit it anymore.
Silk money belts are much nicer than nylon at similar price. They're much lighter, thinner, less stiff, and have better skin-feel... You'll come to appreciate this when considering they're worn under your jeans/pants and near pelvic area sitting and standing all day. EDIT: Fanny packs are so heinous, I think I'd wear one of those thousand-pocket travel vests before that.
I like grey or browns lenses that are photochromatic for all around driving use. Blue, green, and some reflective reds are ok, usually in brighter light. For lower light morning/evening and rain/snow when it is not overly dark I swear by light amber to yellow polarized lenses... This style lens is also great for visibility cutting through fog and the water-particle trail splashed up from the driver in front. [Hello annoying jacked up trucks and suv's with no mudflaps]....
Raise your product price to what you are charging for your labor, and then charge actual shipping in the shipping category. Less complaining on both buyer's and seller's end. Or if you're doing traditional auctions, make your start price higher. Your problem is that many ebay buyers are spoiled by sellers that ship items close to actual cost, and you're the seller which stands out who does not. Once people are hooked its a hard thing to break out of consumers even if...
I thought past posts LB said he applied to law, then he decided against it even after decent prospects. Other posts I remembered him mentioning working in supply chain management.
Sourmash American Whisky - George Dickel no.12 Wish more spirits punched their price/taste ratio like this...
Haha, did this imply not fking around with the ladyboys as well?.. If so, SFer Eason might be disappointed to read. I always hear packing light mentioned, what is a good rule of thumb if trying to put some numbers on light enough?In my mind I picture carry-on size or smaller and
Good previous thread on similar topic to pull ideas. http://www.styleforum.net/t/263662/what-do-people-do-instead-of-drinking
Become a prolific SF poster with thousands, upon thousands of poasts. wait, hold on sec...
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