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Can anyone I.d. the shoes for me? Is this quoddy? Collab? Thanks in advance.
Hey guys. Quick sizing quesiton. Would you buy same size in the CPO as your bedford or as your workshirt? I wear a med in bedford but go with a small in the workshirt. Thanks in advance.
I want to place a phone order with Uniqlo but unsure of sizing. I wear a small in JCrew OCBD. Should I order small in Uniqlo as well. Thanks in advance.
Love this combination.
Hey everyone. Putting a few EG items up for sale sizes m-l. Really hate to sell these but I've lost weight and don't fit in these anymore. Prices do not include shipping. They will be added on to the price of the item. Payments through Paypal only. Items will be shipped USPS Priority Mail Here we go. 2nd-summer parka. size medium. I've only worn it 3 times. Great Piece $175 1st-shirt/jacket size large. Again, worn only 4 times. $110-SOLD 3rd-wool shawl collar...
Hey guys..just a quick sizing question. I'm interested in buying this seasons Bedford..size up? I usually wear a small in JCrew shirts for reference. Should I buy a medium? I've bought a few pieces from SS08 from Gary a while back but ivelost substantial weight so I can't wear them. They were all large. I'm probably going to put them up for sale.. I have a workshirt, a shawl collar cardigan, and a parka Let me know if you're interested so I can post pics in the B & S.
Quote: Originally Posted by mrchariybrown Yes, it's available to order. The sleeves are still slim but not skinny - the general feel of all TOJ items. thank you my good man. I'll be ordering soon as I decide what color scheme I want..
The wv looks awesome! We can order now? Also, how slim are the sleeves?
Can anyone direct me to a shop/tailor in LA (Melrose, La Brea area) who offers chain stich hemming service? I'm headed there tomorrow and I need to get my pbj's hemmed up..thanks in advance.
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