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I am VERY pleased with the seller and will definitely purchase again.
HI. Any mediums
pm snt
If only the Kiton was 16...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pink22m Only a fool would call these articles NWOT - it is blatantly obvious that they have all been worn. IN my mind, NWOT is still applicable once the issues are clearly noted. I have seen items at last call with similar issues. New...with issues.
hi. can you get the BORRELLI IN 40r/l THANKS
i definitely want it. My only concern is that I wear 11.5E in Allen Edmonds. Any idea if this would work. Thanks.
Hi Ed. The measurements for bot the 38 & 40 overcoats are the same. Is that correct? Thanks BTW, I wish I could just spend a weekend poring through your closet!!
the associate to whom I spoke simply said its a beige/khaki coloured, single breasted, knee length coat with a polyester/cotton shell. No idea of model name. She also noted that the model # will be of no help.
Help. Are the they have trench coats at $299-knee length. Have anyone bought/seen them. Are they any good. Thanks
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