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Hi, I wear 11.5EE in ferragamo tramezzas and 11.5E in Allen Edmons, any idea which of these (if any) will fit? Thanks
interested as well.
word up! I saw those zegna loafers on "sale" at an outlet for over $900...yep, you read right. Should have been US 11.5
40 of each particular design/style
Is there anyone who confirm that these would fit the equiv of AE11.4E/EE. Thanks
does appear a bit long. But I've experiences where items from the US took 4 days and some took 2.5 weeks.
HI. re. fit. I normally wear AE 11.5E. Any chance this will fit? Thanks
how would this compare to AE 11.5E/EE
pm sent this morning.
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