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Wow! any chance these can be had in 36"
I normally wear 40R/L - 42R with a 36" trouser that i tailor to 35" to accomodate my athletic thighs/bigger butt. 6", 190lbs. Wear 16/41 shirts Perhaps dumb question, but is it possible to get this and tailor it down?
Hi Still avail? Thanks Quote: Originally Posted by gorgesailor New Luciano Barbera leather travel bag. Note that it is much larger than a typical messenger bag and is meant more for clothes and can accommodate a folded jacket. It is smaller than a garment bag and obviously functions differently. It measures 24 inches in length, 17 inches in height and 9 inches deep. It has one inner partition. Everything is leather. Retails for $2500. ...
where is the 42R
i want a 42r. Normally wear 40r/l (rlpl) but this seems too slim. i can prepay if anyone can get me a 42. out of curiosity, is that leather I see? Can't be!
Quote: Originally Posted by buddha123 whoa those are some t-rex arms The most hilarious thing i've read all weekend. I'm still laughing.
Thanks. Well then, thankfully, i got one from the good old days as i claimed #5. Now if only i could get some polos/shirts from the good old days as well!
Dumb question, but what do you mean by "now defunct SF favourite"?
got my umbrella and gloves today - in toronto. Awesome. And yes, the mink lined are fabulous and the cashmere lined deer skin is decadent. These will serve me well.
normally wear 11.5EE or 11.5W. Any idea if these will fit?
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