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Hi, sheldon or charlene phillip 368 Rutland Road, Apt 1R brooklyn, NY 11225
Just got 3 pairs to add to the legion i've already bought from Rambo. Great seller.
Is the size uk or us?
Hi, I normally wear 11.5E/EE in allen edmonds,. any idea if these would fit. if they would, i'll take then. thanks
pm sent
ok. i wear 11.5E in AEs and 11.5EE in Ferragamos. Any advice on what size EGs i'll need thanks
received Borrelli belt. Awesome.
I normally wear 11.5E in Allen Edmonds (and funny enough, 10.5UK in Zegna XXX Ltd edition). Any idea if these would fit? Thanks Quote: Originally Posted by answerman I ordered these. They are beautiful. BNIB. Problem: They are NOT 10.5 (or, in EG-speak, 10/10.5D). They are instead 11.5 (or, 11/11.5D on the 606 last, leather soles) I can return them, but I'm just as happy to flip them to someone on here. No need to make a profit, but I...
PM sent on Kiton
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