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I can't recall the name of the tailor but there's a fantastic one in the little "plaza" that has the LV store near it on Bloor. Somewhere around Avenue and Bloor. I really wish I could be more help than that but I have had great luck with them the few times I've been in TO looking for alterations. If I can turn up a business card I will be sure to pass along a proper address.
Quote: Originally Posted by dbeck That is very nice, where did you get it? And how much? Thanks! It's by Boss Selection and I got it for an outstanding price! It's a sample sweater so I can't tell you whether it was mass produced, but if it were it would be in stores now as it is a current season sample from what I remember the computer telling me. The name of the sweater is Baris if you were interested in purchasing one.
Do not get dirty? I bought this sweater yesterday and noticed when I came home that the tag reads, and I quote, "Do not wash. Do not bleach. Do not iron. Do not tumble dry. Do not dry clean." Thus I thought to myself, what in the hell do I do if I spill mustard on this, a thought that often crosses my mind when I purchase premium sweaters. The sweater is made of 5gg cashmere lined internally along the whole front panel with nutria fur and along the back panel with...
I think it's fantastic. You COULD go with a longer sleeve by a very tiny amount but I actually think it looks rather good. There's a small fold over the mid-back you can see in the second photo but beyond that I think the cut of the suit is excellent for your frame. Who's the maker? I must shake their hand.
I have a coat with the same mix and it wears similar to all my other wool, wool/cashmere, and cashmere coats safe for it has a softer hand and a more "hairlike" texture to my eye. Beyond that I find 15% of anything rarely makes much difference in warmth for an overcoat to the point where I'd notice it. It appears very full cut and I suspect the armholes are really big...but then most Brandt has been in my experience.
I work for a major international clothing and lifestyle company and I still get trouble from my boss specifically about my pocket squares. In fact, the truth is I am the only one who actually wears them. I also used to get hassled for my rather colourful sock collection but both have become accepted by most of my coworkers. I used to get "nobody wears pocket squares anymore" to which I would reply, "I do and so do most of the men in the magazines. Besides, what else...
The Joker had the weirdest shoes! I do, however, like his socks very much!
Laceless shoes Square toes Clunky soles Black
...and here I was thinking he meant the SSC Aero. Sigh.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac those look fairly pimpish. but not the most horribly pimpish ever. ostrich shoes are hard to pull off because everyone presumes they are fake ostrich I saw kitonbrioni sporting some a few times over on his site and thought I'd take a stab at it myself. I'm still unsure how to wear them but I think I'll manage. I was hoping they might have come off as ostentatious rather than pimpish but ... lesson learned.
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