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It depends on what you have to give up in order to buy the watch. You should always ask yourself "can I afford this?" Rich people don't get rich by being a spendthrift. Think about purchases. When someone says "if you have to ask, you can't afford it" I assume the speaker is a snob who works at a department store. Rich folks always ask if they can afford it. No matter how much money you make, you can always spend more.
I've met billionaire, and former presidential candidate, Ross Perot a few times. He's a very nice guy and will talk to anybody. He's also the tallest leprecaun I've ever met.
Skyscrapers, Railroads, Mexico, etc...
It looks like you traveled back in time, raided your fat Italian Uncle's closet and played dress up. Well done!
I "have" so many schools it's ridiculous.
It really doesn't matter. I prefer a no-pocket dress shirt because it has cleaner lines. If you wear a sportcoat to work, they are particularly pointless. Furthermore, when I see people who actually put items in their breast pocket, I assume they're a lowly paper pusher from Initech.
It looks like lankiness was an attribute during that time period.
counter and left handed.
Did you hit that?
I'm going to Vegas in May with my company. All food and drink are paid for. It's pretty cool. We're going to be there Wednesday - Sunday. What are the best clubs to go to during that time? All responses are appreciated! Thanks.
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