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I am a fan of Santoni. Just be aware they produce shoes in differing quality levels. Ferragamo does the same. Tramezza is the highest line of Ferragamo shoes and those are represented as being Tramezzas. If they fit, $250.00 is a good price as they retail for $600.00 +.
If you represent yourself, the best advice has already been provided. Wear something conservative. A Judge or Commissioner does not expect you to dress like a lawyer. Prevous posts from lawyers are sound. You will probably do better if you are represented, especially in small communities. It sends the message that your firmly believe in your defense theory and are willing to invest in someone to represent you. Every state has different rules regarding Traffic...
If you have one nearby, you may be able to find plenty of good deals! The Park Avenues are in short supply at discount.
Great advice about using a good cobbler to do it. I bought a pair of great shoes in my size from a known, respected brand. At the end of the day, my feet screamed! Just took a bit of time for them to naturally stretch. Perhaps, my feet were swollen for a few weeks. Now, they fit perfectly.
Frankly, those shoes aren't bad. You have clearly stated your reasons for liking them, fit, price, etc. Many with good taste would not pair them with a suit but there are other options for those shoes. They are sleek, chiseled and Forty Bucks! They are definitely worth it.
Thankful the SF is functioning again. My wallet will again feel the pain While strolling through a discount store last weekend, I happened to view the offerings for coats and jackets in the XXL Section (Extra Large). I am a 42-44 in most RTW garmets. I happened upon a Corneliani 3/4 length fitted jacket in a beautiful cream color. Couldn't believe it!! Had to try it on and it was a perfect fit! This particular garmet was misplaced in a hodgepodge of cheap,...
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