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Certainly you have seen this shoe buffing machines that sit on the floor. They have been around for years and come in a range of quality levels. I used to own one (now pitched) that was ok but you could stop the motor with any degree of pressure on the buff wheel pads. If you own one of these machines, your experiences would be helpful. Any brand recommendations, sources, etc.
Nice boots though.
Quote: Originally Posted by josepidal If you were going to buy a pair of brown suede shoes, what shade would you buy? I was thinking that since they are inherently casual, then you may as well buy lighter colored brown suede shoes, anyway, since it's tough to wear them semi-formally. Or could you wear dark brown suede oxfords to the ordinary business occasion? I too just ordered my first pair of brown suede shoes. Because all my shoes are...
The term "trunk sale" or "trunk show" has its roots in Europe duriing Medieval times. Many of the smaller villages had few options to purchase goods. Traveling merchants would arrive with trunks full of fabrics, clothing and shoes and sold their wares out of these trunks to the masses. It was always a special event when an advance courier would arrive in the village to announce the upcoming "Trunk" show. According to Webster's, trunk is defined as a (1) : a large...
Did you get a lot of responses. Good luck on the interview. You can find some simple black, lace-up shoes for under $100.00 that don't have a rubber sole. As your income goes up, you can expand your shoe and clothing wardrobe. You are on a short rope! Get the shoes a day or two ahead of time and wear so the soles aren't slick for the interview.
A great pair of Goodyear welted shoes from one of America's finest shoemakers. These shoes feature the 1/2 Alden commando sole. Great condition with no tears. Rich chocolate brown. Full grain calfskin. These are my personal shoes. Retail is now over $300.00. Asking $95.00. These shoes do not need to be refurbished. US buyer only. We can discuss shipping terms. Thanks for reading this post and my thanks, in advance, to the SF. amemovox (James...
Nice collection of real world shoes.
Tassels don't work for me. Some guys can pull it off but not my style. The ends seems to get "bushy" after some wear. Certainly, those are well made shoes though.
The Florsheim does not look sleek enough. It looks too much like a work boot. Here is a beter example: It is an English made shoe and is available is a UK size 13 which is equates to a 14 US size. There was also a 50% coupon code floating around for this site.
Alden cordovan leather is tough. I wear mine and if a nick, dent or scuff occurs in the course of life, just buff with your horsehair brush.
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