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Quote: Originally Posted by Jack2000 Kirkland brand from Costco are thick, cheap, and fit (at least on me) surprisingly well. Could not agree more with Jack's comment. Kirkland shirts from Costco are fairly slim fitting and thick. If you want something substantial, this is definitely an option.
These mishaps are inevitable. I make sure to order a meal that is consumed with a knife and fork as opposed to a sandwich or "finger food". Better control
This is an interesting post. Downside is we are going to "educate" a lot of Ebay Sellers.
Mephisto is well known for comfort and extremely high quality. The Phoebus model has Goodyear welt construction. 12 1/4 x 4 1/2 inches. Brown, full grain uppers with rubber sole with light wear. No rips or tears. Trees not included. Made in Portugal. This particular model has a very forgiving fit. I generally wear a 9.5 to 10 and these fit fine. If you know Mephisto, you know the shoe! Go to any of the websites that sell Mephisto and check the price...
Quote: Originally Posted by heard546 I recently read the statement below on another fashion board, and wanted to know if this is true? Gitman also makes (the last that I heard) all of the Burberry shirts sold in the US as well as numerous store brands. The only shirt that is outsourced is the wrinkle free shirt (for both KG and GB). -tony Recently, I purchased my first Burberry shirt. It is marked "Burberry London" There is...
You can spend the rest of the night flipping through hundreds of shoes at zappos.
Anatomically, I have no neck! (Very Little). Turtlenecks come up to my ears. Never wear them.
Most common is probably 18mm. Most straps with a 18mm lug width taper to 16mm at the buckle end. 20mm taper to 18mm. Some of the larger sport models have no taper in the straps.
Hitl trousers are featured at a local men's store and they appear to be well made. The model you may buy is produced for Hitl in Romania. I recommend calling STP as they may be able to address your inquiry regarding the rise measurements.
It must be remembered that some cannot wear this shoe comfortably as it is constructed on a rather narrow last. If you have a high instep, look for alternate shoe.
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