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Funds sent.
PM sent on the Oxxford!
As a regular Rack shopper, the staff, although well intentioned, is not trained to handle questions of size and availability of any particular model. At times, you will find the "nugget" although many of the models are in the smaller sizes (e.g. 7, 8) or in the larger offerings (12+). Many of the popular models are narrow or EEE wide widths.
Scored a pair of shell cordovan Bradleys last week for $199. Better price than the AE outlet.
All this over a tie???
I was so disappointed that these don't fit and were not purchased by me. A local store has a pair of AE Bradleys in #8 Shell Cordovan leather. This is a discontinued model and is on the AE #1 last. They are 10.5 EEE. Never worn and are priced at $199.00. Thats a deal because they retailed for $525.00. I contacted the AE Shoe Bank and they did not have any in stock. Don't know if they are firsts or seconds. If someone is interested, PM me and I can tell you...
Although the Mondaine is iconic in Europe, it does appear to be a bit whimsical. The Seiko, for sure, is the safe bet. The strap should be replaced, in my opinion. An easy modification.
From a recovering watch addict, that watch is perfect for you. Although today's watches are definitely larger, few vintage men's watches were overly large. It looks fine on your wrist and I like the case shape.
I discovered that sending your statement/invoice in pdf file format to the person who authorizes and approves payment is prudent. Although electronic money transfers through banks is fast and efficient, many companies today still process a paper check.
It happens every once in a while. Stopped by a thrift store on Super Bowl Sunday! They were having a 25% off sale on everything. Scored an Oxxford chalkstripe suit for $28.32. It had just been cleaned and pressed and with the pant alterations, I sustained under $40.00 in damage.
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