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Skip the suit - its pretentious. The Judge really doesn't care what you wear but show respect. A coat and tie is ok. If its a righteous ticket, take your lumps and be humble. Don't attempt to make excuses of any kind as the judge has heard them all before. Not to make you nervous but your clocked speed is extremely high. At best, you can get traffic school although in California, 20 mph over the posted limit is the max they allow for TS. With today's modern...
From what I gather, the stunned economy has impacted Green and Lobb. Luxury goods of all types are taking a hit. Good news for those wanting a bargain. Think about the folks that paid full bank a few months ago.
You may want your cobbler to add a nylon/rubber toe tap. I have these installed on all my new shoes and it significantly reduces the wear you have experienced.
Quote: Originally Posted by doctorj! Yes, they will give me a refund. I just love the shoes, and may not find them again in my size. I am going to ponder it for a few days and see if the shoe trees help. Won't the shoes just wrinkle again after you wear them? If these shoes are in limited supply and you like the shoe, I would keep them.
The site works for me. As an aside, don't confuse Barker shoes with Barker Black. They are different companies. It took awhile for me to understand that. Barker Black is a darling on this Forum.
The only Magnanni I own is the conservative cap toe bal (Toledo). This model is a bit too "pointy" for my more mundane tastes but if you can pull it off, great! I have found Magnanni to be underappreciated. It is a flexible, comfortable shoe at a moderate price point.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jumbie I've always liked the Aquaterra. I prefer the one with the silver dial though. Congrats on your new watch. Too bad that getting it serviced every 5 or so years will cost a lot more than buying a few batteries. The Omega Co Axial movement incorprates design elements and materials that mitigate friction and wear. This should greatly reduce, or eliminate, concerns about service for a number of years.
Nettleton Shoe Company
Quote: Originally Posted by Grayland I guess the V-cleat somehow indicates superior build, but I have a pair and they are slippery as hell, and the eventually exposed nails scratch wood floors. I'm taking them in to have the heels replaced. I found a pair of Black Florsheim brogues in NOS condition. The exposed nails and "V" cleat heel made walking on tile or marble floors problematic, especially on a rainy day. Gave the shoes to my...
Quote: Originally Posted by mercretas I don't have the Lowndes, but this shoe is a bit wider than other C&Js I have. Also, these aren't goodyear welted. They're blake stiched instead. Commenting more than that is beyond my expertise. Although many prefer Goodyear welt construction, there is nothing at all wrong with Blake construction. Well made shoes with this type of construction are comfortable and durable and can be resoled.
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