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Buying a watch for your wife can be tricky unless you know exactly what she wants. I decided to buy my wife what I thought wouldbe a great watch. A Cartier tank. It was beautiful and when I presented it to her, she "beamed" with joy. What a fine actress she is.She wore it to dinner one time and it ended up in the drawer. Finally, I asked what was wrong. She didn't want to hurt my feelings.She does not wear anything gold. Oh well, I sold it gave her the money. We...
Grenson shoes are available on-line at They look promising. Made in England.
My vote, pitch (donate). Don't let the Ferragamo name influence you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jolina Thank you. Will give it a try. FYI, when I downloaded the program, my virus software detected a virus!!!!!!!!! Caught it before install and quarantined. Watch out guys!
Quote: Originally Posted by Twotone I stopped into a local Rack over the weekend and was surprised to see the decline in men's suits. It looked less like a Nordstroms and more like a TJ Max. The Nordstroms across the street carries a few nice suit lines -- Hickey Freeman, Armani, Canali, etc. Not a single "high-end" suit at the rack. Same for ties. Is there any connection between brands at Nordstroms and the Rack these days or do the stores just share a...
My local Nordstrom Rack has an excellent selection of extra long ties. Never checked the brands; however, I assume XMI, Talbott as well as Nordstrom brand. Perhaps if you have a Rack nearby, you can call and see if they have them. Good luck
Thanks for the reminder!
Prefer NOS or a pair in excellent condition. Brown/walnut. Size 10/10.5 D width. PM me or email at jdonabed at gmail dot com James Donabed A photo of the shoe I am looking for is attached. I found the photo on the web so if these are yours, I apologize.
Those are outstanding. Magnanni shoes are underappreciated. Their captoe balmoral (Toledo) is an excellent value for a business shoe.
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