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Hi, what material is this jacket? Wool? Is it for winter/fall?
I've tried both shirts in store, the EPLA oxford shirts fits slightly more snug than the EPNY.
Place was crowded, luckily I was the second person in. Picked up a Kamigata jacket in washed Nissinbo Mills chambray, and a EPNY white oxford button down. Very pleased with both pieces.
I'm starting to wear more shoes made of suede instead of calf. There are two schools of thought on caring for them. The first is to keep them looking as new as possible, which requires quite a bit of care. The second is to just wear them while acquiring a patina, just the occasional brushing and cleaning of the odd stain. I'm tending toward the second school of thought, but I would like to know what others prefer.
I really like the fleece motorcycle jacket. I don't think I like it in leather since I don't ride, but I can rock this piece. Too bad it already sold out in my size by the time I discovered it.
And I thought I was done shopping for the next few months. This looks like a fantastic piece. How many different fabric variations are you making, and how much would they cost?
Yes, it is hideous. One rule of thumb is no buttons on the front of a leather jacket, only zippers.
That would be so awesome to have other designers to design flyknits. My only fear is that they will be so limited as to be impossible to get.
One post requesting to get back on topic is hardly gang-whining.Talking about luxury branding is a valid topic. So start a new thread to discuss it.
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