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I really like the Eaton in European walnut.http://www.ligne-roset-usa.com/Products/dining/tables/Eaton_1284.aspx
That jacket looks great. May I ask what size you got for the blouson? Did you go true to size? What does the fabric feel like?
I think I'll be ok with EU48 then, I only plan to wear the linen coat I ordered in warmer weather with a button-up shirt at most.
What was wrong with the Field Coat in EU48, if you don't mind me asking? I usually wear US38-40, and ordered a EU48, so I want to know what issues may arise before deciding if I want to change my order to EU50.But judging from a pic of you in a polo, you seem to be more muscular than me. The Field Coat might have been tight in the arms and chest?
Thanks for the measurements. I will take the short.
I'm also thinking of getting a short length, as I'm 5'8". Just wondering what the body and sleeve length measurements would be for a size 48 EU field jacket.
It said on the descriptions that the jackets are for fall winter, but judging from the cloth made of silk or linen, I think its more suitable for spring summer. What do others think?
Hi, what material is this jacket? Wool? Is it for winter/fall?
I've tried both shirts in store, the EPLA oxford shirts fits slightly more snug than the EPNY.
Place was crowded, luckily I was the second person in. Picked up a Kamigata jacket in washed Nissinbo Mills chambray, and a EPNY white oxford button down. Very pleased with both pieces.
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