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That's very unfortunate to hear about an up and coming tailoring establishment. I've not heard anything shady about Kevin Seah. I almost contacted him to have a suit made once. Are there any stories you would like to share?
Can I get a confirmation about the sleeve length? 29" is an extremely long measurement for sleeves, as the usual sleeve length for sport coats is usually around 25" to 26".
This is an Eidos suit, which is made in the Isaia factory but not from Isaia itself. Eidos as a company is only about 3 years old, so I would not say any of their stuff is dated. That said, a beige suit is hard to wear and is probably not formal enough for any legal events,.
I wear the Eidos linen field jacket in 38/48S. How does that translate to this jacket, Small or Medium?
http://www.beverlyhangers.com/ I think every high end designer uses this company to make hangers to their specifications.
Thanks for the update. I guess I'm the only one who ordered the field jacket who is impatient, judging by the lack of queries. Or it could be others are just distracted by sales season.
Is the Eidos Field Jacket special order being shipped soon? It's past mid June and getting into July. I'm looking forward to using it for a trip.
What material is the suit, and what seasons is it suitable for? Are the pants flat front or pleated? Is it zipper or buttons? Are the jacket shoulder's heavily or lightly padded? Is the length of 30" from bottom or top of collar?
I really like the Eaton in European walnut.http://www.ligne-roset-usa.com/Products/dining/tables/Eaton_1284.aspx
That jacket looks great. May I ask what size you got for the blouson? Did you go true to size? What does the fabric feel like?
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