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Shop the Finest (LA)John Lobb (South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa)Best shoe place in LA used to be Leather Soul Beverly Hills but it closed down. It carried everything.
I don't need my outerwear to look as closed as it does open, or vice versa, but if it looks bad in either form, I hesitate to call it a "great" design. I've gotten more demanding over the years, not only from my clothes, but also people, places, and other aspects of my life. If I look hard enough, I can find clothes (and other things) to fulfill most of my requirements without compromising much. I do need my clothes to function well in multiple situations and that may be...
Unfortunately that crossed the line from "plain and versatile" to just plain boring. You can do better.
The leather on each sleeve probably comes from a different part of the animal, or maybe even from a different animal. As such no 2 pieces of leather are exactly the same, and wrinkles differently to some degree.
Did you check out other stores there besides Nordstrom? There are a ton of menswear, some even affordable.
South Coast Plaza and Fashion Island are the 2 best shopping destinations in OC, check out the stores there. You can also check out Cloth and Metal in Costa Mesa, I remember they had Schott's.
Leather alterations require a leather specialist, not any tailor has the equipment or expertise.1. This could get expensive since the specialist has to detach the sleeve at the shoulder to make alterations and sew it back. Leather stretches also, so it might feel looser again over time even if you had it slimmed down.2. I think those are bi-swing backs for a wider range of motion so it makes no sense to sew them up.3. Its not supposed to open like that but I don't have a...
I love Stoffa, especially those 2 jackets.
I hope its not going to leave indigo stains everywhere like raw denim does. I love raw denim but that is the one thing I am wary of.
That's very unfortunate to hear about an up and coming tailoring establishment. I've not heard anything shady about Kevin Seah. I almost contacted him to have a suit made once. Are there any stories you would like to share?
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