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Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye When you become a doctor, go for a tie-less look. Ties kill people in the hospital and doctors who wear them are being irresponsible. I wouldn't do that. When we do rounds now, I'm just in a shirt and trousers if I'm not in scrubs. Quote: Originally Posted by ginlimetonic maybe he just watched Love and other drugs... he wants to wear a suit to a bar and pick up a hot drug sales rep...
Quote: Originally Posted by merkur Why do you need a suit as a med student (for anything other than graduation or job interviews)? Mates of mine who are working as doctors tell me that no one under the level of a consultant would ever wear a suit on the job for fear of outdressing their boss given that most doctors (even senior ones) tend to dress quite poorly. I'm going to be intercalating a second degree soon (still deciding between bachelors...
Ah, thanks. Do you have any idea how slim TM Lewin suits fit? I know not to expect miracles out of a RTW suit, but having a nice slim fit that even approaches anything like would be great.
Blue label? All I got from google is Ralph blue label for women. Or do you mean T M Lewin's blue label or something?
Thanks for the reply. I'd probably prescribe to the one suit school of thought as in don't really need a collection of suits at this point in time.
Tried the quick q. thread, but figured a thread wouldn't hurt. I'm a med student. I'm quite athletic, played rugby and still row for university. Need a new suit since I haven't gotten one since my last interview and I've grown out of that. I'm based in the UK so popping to London is quite easy for me. I prefer British styled suits that are slim with a mid-slightly lower button point, as little shoulder padding as possible. I've already looked into the whole full,...
Need to get a new suit. I'm a 22 year old med student. Only going for RTW since anything more I don't think anything more is really necessary for someone of my age and status. Just need a few suggestions for places to get a suit from in the UK. I can easily pop down to London whenever. Anybody got any suggestions for places/brands to buy? As long as has a good slim fit, 1/2 buttons, flat front trousers, well-made and is pretty dark, I'm good to go.
lul It's also pretty funny that you've been taking the time out of your day to get pics, photoshop them, signing up, posting etc. just to satisfy a little internet grudge. Again and again.
It's because it's set up in a similar way to frames (shit at the top, shit on the left, supertalk in the middle/right) That's how websites were like 10 years ago...or more. It's how amateurs who've never made websites before design their websites (that's how I did it for a school project when I was 14/15). With a bit less flash, but the final effect was the same.
Seriously. One of my friends did it to another for shits and giggles at a party when we were younger. They're like that explains any homovibes, but still, waiting for my friend to come up with an explanation for it all was a riot.
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