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Earthquake after flood after nuclear disaster after civil war after freak temperatures after famines after economic collapse(ing) after mass hyper-sexual hollow cultural ideation after volcanic eruptions and repeat and augment. And again. Has felt like it to me for a couple of years now. I am largely apathetic. I wouldn't think it terribly unjust for this humanity to disintegrate. Strange thing is that even if there were a consensus about it, we could likely do little...
Accompanied my gf so that she could write a two-day medical exam nearby. That leaves all day Wednesday and Thursday to kill on my own. Any good shopping? Record/music shops? Restaurants/coffee shops we could go to together? Parks or other areas worth walking around in? I'm coming from Toronto, so I'd even consider driving some to get to a decent outlet, if there is one....
In the experience of others, is that snag really re-weavable at a small cost?
Didn't Cobain die at 27, too? Too bad. My jaw dropped when I heard it on the news. I rather liked her.
Very nice. This could make someone happy.
Another free bump for a great seller. Last item was a home run!
Free bump for a great seller. Always a pleasure, M.
PM sent
I'm "occupying", but haven't taken possession (re: title) yet. Gentlemen, I'd ask that you please stop making the assumptions necessary to justify your anguish. It's better to ASK before you bark. I completed a "PDI" walkthrough which, in my locale, starts a 30-day clock for warranty purposes. Even outside of the warranty I'm fairly certain I can bring a suit if I care to. Anyways, since I haven't received any more than one or two helpful responses in this thread, you...
I purchased pre-construction, so I didn't see the property before buying. Knowing/not knowing the provisions of the contract pre-construction is not determinative in this situation. You guys are annoying.
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