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Yes, actually. I'd like another pair of slim denim in 32 to replace these. PM me with your wares.
SOLD SOLD SOLD. Awesome pair of NDG jeans. MIJ. Essentially new. Worn three times, gently washed and hung to dry once. Lost weight and they look slightly awkward. Fits a perfect 33". Would do good for someone who wears a traditional 32-34, depending on how slim you like it.
Wrong forum. My apologies. For a pair of NDG jeans, see Streetwear.
Price dropped even further. An essentially brand new, fully canvassed Hickey Freeman for well under $250. Please note: The "Hickey Freeman" label has been crossed out in the inner breast.
Received this lovely suit from hadamulletonce a couple of weeks back - a wonderful seller! Unfortunately, the measurements just don't add up, so I'm selling it for the same low price of SOLD SOLD SOLD. It has a really nice look, 3 button with roll. The suit is fully canvassed tasmanian wool super 130's. Shoulders: 18.75 inches Chest: 42 inches Arms: 25 inches Length: 32 inches Vent: double Pants Waist: 32.25 Rise: 10.5 Inseam: 35 Cuffed: 1.5 inch...
That almost looks like a cheap attempt at a fashion-forward emblem, and not an actual indicator that the jacket is a sample.
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley missed it. while I usually read Ed's comments as I come across them, I didn't in this instance and thought Moo's question was a serious one. my bad. +1 CONGRATULATIONS SKYVALET!
At the sad risk of totally diverting this thread, who exactly is/was being sarcastic?
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley Come on, man. This is a little bit much. I dont' think Sky Valet is a discount shoe store run to cater to SF folks' desire to get rock-bottom prices in lieu of customer service. Agreed. A bit forward and premature. Congratulations are more in line, with a friendly PM for good measure.
My sincere apologies, gentlemen. The second one (light colored) is being withdrawn, as my father has expressed an interest in it. I will post sleeve and chest measurements on the charcoal/blue stripe shortly.
New Posts  All Forums: