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I'm getting some DBC Thin Finns this friday, 32x34. In case they don't fit me, I'd consider a straight up trade. Let me know.
< 24 hour notice; still at rock-bottom prices.
Excellent thread. Has broken our hermetic consciousness. Thanks for making the world smaller, carkloba.
$115 shipped, unless you guys complement me some.
Now $55 + Ship. This is a steal.
Gentlemen, This is two-tiered thread. I'm considering offering up for sale a very handsome Loro Piana cashmere blazer that I recently purchased from Ebay on the grounds that I think the fit is not "right" for me. I'm 23 and I get the sense that it is just a touch on the conservative side; I tend to like more fitted jackets. So I'm posting a fit pic for you all to criticize, plus a few others to induce your offers. I'm not sure what the jacket is worth so I'll start at...
Now on Ebay. Excellent prices, too!
Just received these in the mail a couple of hours ago. I should have asked just how slim they fit prior to purchasing; tagged a 32, but fit more like a 30. I can't fit into them. Actual waist: 15.5" Inseam: 34" and change. Priced to move: $63 CDN + ship from Vancouver. http://www.houseofcassette.com/shop/...products_id=80 http://www.revolveclothing.com/Displ...c=Cassette&d=b Bummer. Actual jeans are darker. It's a beautiful day in B.C.
Point well taken.
Gentlemen, With all due respect, I must say, sometimes the members of this forum strike me as terribly insensitive and not just slightly immature. The content of this thread is a good illustration. The way I see it, ghostdog has a taste in clothes. You and I might not share it, we might even think it's entirely tasteless, but that's no reason to mock him or his ventures. If he were researching selvage jeans or asking whether a pair of APCs were fake, I doubt he would...
New Posts  All Forums: