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Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley Come on, man. This is a little bit much. I dont' think Sky Valet is a discount shoe store run to cater to SF folks' desire to get rock-bottom prices in lieu of customer service. Agreed. A bit forward and premature. Congratulations are more in line, with a friendly PM for good measure.
My sincere apologies, gentlemen. The second one (light colored) is being withdrawn, as my father has expressed an interest in it. I will post sleeve and chest measurements on the charcoal/blue stripe shortly.
That Henley cardigan is one of my favourite pieces of all time. If it were a medium, I'd snap up a second one as a backup. Great price, too!
BNWT. 100% Cotton. MII. $69 shipped CONUS or Canada. Feel free to PM me with any questions.
Is it a two or three button? And is it new, never worn except for when you wore it into that public washroom?
Quote: Originally Posted by fuji This isn't a thread discussing when you would wear a dressing gown, its a sales thread. If your not interested in purchasing it don't post. I think I'm perfectly within my rights to discuss the utility/function/purpose of a garment about which I genuinely know little. In a marketplace, buyers talk. To wish to silence them is just insecure tyranny.
When the heck would you wear this thing? After drying up in a robe but prior to putting on your wife beater?
Hey Man, that Nom de Guerre blazer should be $96.98 plus shipping and it should be MINE.
I've always wondered about this... One can't help but feel a certain pang and depression when they see little children in third world countries starving, dying and crying on television - especially when one happens to be eating dinner at the time. And yet, I've never acted on this pang for want of knowing how and who to trust. Along with that pang comes a healthy dose of skepticism towards the "foundations" and "organizations" that purport to help, feed, clothe and...
Would anybody care to comment on the quality/value of the Corneliani? I've been looking for a light brown suit for a time now, but am hesitant to pounce on this one beause I've seen Cornelianis sell from $50 to $500. I confess my ignorance. If anybody should care to defame or praise this particular piece (either here or via PM), I'd be very grateful. Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: