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Could you post actual measurements of the waist and inseam, and could you please relate the age/condition of the garment? Thanks.
Two very important updates: Firstly, the coat is now up on Ebay: LINK. Secondly, I have recently realized that I have been TOTALLY in the dark about how rare and how expensive this piece actually is. I have been under the mistaken impression since the time I brought this coat home that my Nudie Verner Pea Coat is the SAME as this and this $599 Nudie Verner "WORKER" Pea Coat. In fact, it is not. The Nudie Verner "WORKER" Pea Coat is made of 100% Cotton and only...
NOW ON EBAY. < 24 hours! Both items are BNWOT. Prices updated. Tiger fleece vest, Large (Classic), Charcoal/Black, $79 + shipping. (Fits like a M/L). Henley Thermal 3/4 Sleeve, Rich Brown/Grey, Large, $69 + shipping. (Extra soft, supple stretch material; fits both M/L). (Some pen scribbling on "care" tag from manufacturer). Thanks.
Whatever it is, it is incredibly shallow.
Accepting reasonable offers.
I'll drop these to $127 shipped CONUS or Canada before I hit ebay in the next few days.
I think sellers routinely put up with individuals who ask and ask and finally back out at the last moment. Thus, I could understand why so many of them - presumably like the on you dealt with - get fed up when a person asks a last-minute question and presume "they know where things are going". Sometimes they end up saving themselves a lot of time and headache. Sometimes (like it sounds in this case) they end up losing a valuable customer. I don't consider that a...
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Quote: Originally Posted by j The B&S forum does benefit us. Spending the mods' available time in there instead of the rest of the site is a waste of their/our time IMO. That's part of the point I was trying to make. By establishing so many rules about when/where/why a person can bump, the mods on this forum have bound THEMSELVES to policing the website. And I don't think there is any reason to do so; the forum members here seem very...
Quote: Originally Posted by why Sweat. Ditto, plus shampoo and soap mixed in. I dislike cologne or perfumes, especially if they are not natural.
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