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Gentlemen, With all due respect, I must say, sometimes the members of this forum strike me as terribly insensitive and not just slightly immature. The content of this thread is a good illustration. The way I see it, ghostdog has a taste in clothes. You and I might not share it, we might even think it's entirely tasteless, but that's no reason to mock him or his ventures. If he were researching selvage jeans or asking whether a pair of APCs were fake, I doubt he would...
Will probably hit ebay tomorrow. Make me some reasonable offers on these already reasonably priced garments. Goodnight!
Sorry, just didn't realize what you meant by having got rid of the gaudy Nudie stitching.
Knock $6 off each piece. Tiger fleece: $79 + s. Henley thermal: $69 + s.
What do you mean you took off the "gaudy Nudie stitching"? Do you mean to say that the pants are permanently pleated now?
Could you post actual measurements of the waist and inseam, and could you please relate the age/condition of the garment? Thanks.
Two very important updates: Firstly, the coat is now up on Ebay: LINK. Secondly, I have recently realized that I have been TOTALLY in the dark about how rare and how expensive this piece actually is. I have been under the mistaken impression since the time I brought this coat home that my Nudie Verner Pea Coat is the SAME as this and this $599 Nudie Verner "WORKER" Pea Coat. In fact, it is not. The Nudie Verner "WORKER" Pea Coat is made of 100% Cotton and only...
NOW ON EBAY. < 24 hours! Both items are BNWOT. Prices updated. Tiger fleece vest, Large (Classic), Charcoal/Black, $79 + shipping. (Fits like a M/L). Henley Thermal 3/4 Sleeve, Rich Brown/Grey, Large, $69 + shipping. (Extra soft, supple stretch material; fits both M/L). (Some pen scribbling on "care" tag from manufacturer). Thanks.
Whatever it is, it is incredibly shallow.
Accepting reasonable offers.
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