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Accepting reasonable offers.
I'll drop these to $127 shipped CONUS or Canada before I hit ebay in the next few days.
I think sellers routinely put up with individuals who ask and ask and finally back out at the last moment. Thus, I could understand why so many of them - presumably like the on you dealt with - get fed up when a person asks a last-minute question and presume "they know where things are going". Sometimes they end up saving themselves a lot of time and headache. Sometimes (like it sounds in this case) they end up losing a valuable customer. I don't consider that a...
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Quote: Originally Posted by j The B&S forum does benefit us. Spending the mods' available time in there instead of the rest of the site is a waste of their/our time IMO. That's part of the point I was trying to make. By establishing so many rules about when/where/why a person can bump, the mods on this forum have bound THEMSELVES to policing the website. And I don't think there is any reason to do so; the forum members here seem very...
Quote: Originally Posted by why Sweat. Ditto, plus shampoo and soap mixed in. I dislike cologne or perfumes, especially if they are not natural.
With respect, I think that the rules governing "bumping" on this website are unrealistically severe. In fact, I feel that they are actually moderately repressive and counter-intuitive. Rather than completely banning "bumping" or trying to regulate it through very technical protocols (that are up to interpretation), I think the moderators should find a more logical and sensible solution to the problem, such as bumping every two or three days. Potential buyers...
Verrrryyyy nice blazer. Too rich for my blood!!!!
No Nudies?!
How do PS sweaters fit? Loose? Fitted? "Young", or Gentlemanly?
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