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Hey guys, Got my first pair of Nudies today. Love them. These are my first slim/raw jeans and I was worried they'd be a bit too bawdy for me, but the cut is actually very classy, very nice. Now I'm hankering for more. These are Ultra Indigo Coateds, and I've got a pair of Dry Black Coateds on their way, but I'm wondering what other jeans you guys think would fit similarly. I don't want a wardrobe full of Thin Finns... Acnes??? APCs???? Any suggestions?
Where are these made? What's the general consensus on Cole Haan shoes here at SF?
OP, What's the actual waist (in inches) on your size 29s???
I'm getting some DBC Thin Finns this friday, 32x34. In case they don't fit me, I'd consider a straight up trade. Let me know.
< 24 hour notice; still at rock-bottom prices.
Excellent thread. Has broken our hermetic consciousness. Thanks for making the world smaller, carkloba.
$115 shipped, unless you guys complement me some.
Now $55 + Ship. This is a steal.
Gentlemen, This is two-tiered thread. I'm considering offering up for sale a very handsome Loro Piana cashmere blazer that I recently purchased from Ebay on the grounds that I think the fit is not "right" for me. I'm 23 and I get the sense that it is just a touch on the conservative side; I tend to like more fitted jackets. So I'm posting a fit pic for you all to criticize, plus a few others to induce your offers. I'm not sure what the jacket is worth so I'll start at...
Now on Ebay. Excellent prices, too!
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