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Those first RLPL's are madddd. Dog.
Great price.
Quote: Originally Posted by Opermann You gents complain of the constant threadcrapping that goes on here yet don't hesitate to gang up and take a dump all over what is essentially an extraordinary piece of clothing. The judgement of value and authenticity are not yours to make in the B&S forum. If you aren't interested in the coat or price, shut it and don't buy it. +1 Quote: Give the OP a break. The level of drive-by vigilantism...
Quote: Originally Posted by pvpatty Might seem like a dumb question but want to double check - is this 15.5 or 16.5 like the pics? It's 15.5. As mentioned, the pic was pulled from the original thread. To repeat, the shirt I am selling is identical but in 15.5.
Purchased from whusurdadi a few weeks back. Tried on but never worn. BNW(O)T (I think I saw it on my dresser). Colors simply don't suit my skin tone. $55 shipped. PRL (CIT tag behind size label), 15.5. $225 retail. Pics borrowed from original sale thread.
Apologies to all interested parties. These are now gone.
Quote: Originally Posted by supernova is that length from the bottom of the collar or top? I will have to double-check. I believe it's from the bottom.
Quote: Originally Posted by kismet how much can the waist be let? I PMed you concerning this question but you never responded ! I was quite certain that I did. I'm not much of an expert respecting tailoring, but based on my careful scrutiny of the pants there's a good 2-2.5" to be let out. Here's the picture I tried PM'ing you: As you can see, there's a fair bit of material folded into/under the waistband. I presume this is the fabric that...
Quote: Originally Posted by aph999 What wear does the suit show? No wear whatsoever. Aside from the markered label, it is appears brand new. As mentioned, the suit was purchased a few weeks ago from hadamulletonce, who apparently deals with a lot of tailored-but-not-picked-up-and-thus-brand-new-(aside-from-the-tailoring) goods. That was the situation with this particular piece.
Won't be able to measure for a little while. Just moved and don't have a tape measure. Will do my best; buyers beware of the keeners, though! I've already had a number of inquiries.
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