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The black coateds I had used to fit just *very* slightly more slim than the ultra indigos, particularly around the thigh. I think this may have been because I had worn the ultra indigos three or four more times prior to the arrival of my black coateds. In any case, I think that technically they should fit the exact same; I may be wrong about this, but the difference was ultimately negligible. Let me know if you have any more questions.
- SOLD SOLD SOLD - Sold my dry black coateds a few weeks ago, and have decided that the Thin Finn cut is just not for me. I'm just an average joe No pics at the moment, but you know quite well what these look like. Just search the forums. This particular pair has been worn about one dozen times. It has never been washed or soaked. No fades have taken effect and I would rate the condition an easy 9/10. They are not new, but they certainly haven't been owned in any...
Can somebody shed some insight on my question on the previous page? I've got some Acne Ravens that are just too darned tight; they button up, but are uncomfortable. Can I expect them to stretch at all??? Thanks!
I've got a pair of Acne Ravens. They are too tight for comfort, but they zip up all the way. I'm wondering if I can expect them to stretch at all, or whether I should just go ahead and sell them. Thanks.
I got my first pair of Average Joes about a month ago. Dry Grey Coateds. I've worn them about 10 times without a wash. Yesterday I notice that both leg openings, nearing the inside of the calf, had developed bizarre white-wash fades in awkward shapes and sizes. Not too noticeable, for I forgot about it. Tried washing them out, but that didn't work; they are definitely a kind of fade. Then today I notice that just beneath the crotch there is a huge, circular spot...
Looking to buy my first pair of APCs; New Standards in 29 or 30, or New Cures in 30 or 31 (depending on stretch, if any). Nothing old, worn out, or faded. Prefer unwashed, though a soak is OK. Black or indigo. PM me!
FYI, I believe you're risking being banned by bumping your thread. See the forum rules.
My apologies. Waist: 16.25" Front: 9.75" Seat: 14.5" Inseam: 34" Thigh: 10.75" Knee: 7.75" Leg opening: 7" All approximate. If you need borderline measurements, let me know and I'll get my magnifying glass out. A few nibbles but no bites. These jeans are sexy. I'll be getting another pair in blue.
SOLD-SOLD-SOLD I've bought two pairs of Thin Finns recently, one in Ultra Indigo and another in Dry Black. The color between the two is too similar to justify keeping both, so these should go. They've been worn five times; never washed; no fades; very minimal stretch if any. Basically as new. I can't find the white cord that connects my Canon camera to my PC, so no pics. Considering the fact that these look just like every other pair of DBC Nudies you've ever seen,...
Congrats on the weight loss, drizzt!
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