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As a matter of fact, this cop is an idiot. Also, people who think cops possess an inherent, unhindered and unchecked right to control their movement and liberty are also idiots. Just because mommy told you never speak back to an officer, does not mean that you have to speak to them at all. Police officers are also citizens, governed by the same laws and statutes as you and I. Barring any serious exacerbating factors I would sue that POS. I would also fire him for...
Does the term "CONUS" really include Canada? I never thought so.
Those first RLPL's are madddd. Dog.
Great price.
Quote: Originally Posted by Opermann You gents complain of the constant threadcrapping that goes on here yet don't hesitate to gang up and take a dump all over what is essentially an extraordinary piece of clothing. The judgement of value and authenticity are not yours to make in the B&S forum. If you aren't interested in the coat or price, shut it and don't buy it. +1 Quote: Give the OP a break. The level of drive-by vigilantism...
Quote: Originally Posted by pvpatty Might seem like a dumb question but want to double check - is this 15.5 or 16.5 like the pics? It's 15.5. As mentioned, the pic was pulled from the original thread. To repeat, the shirt I am selling is identical but in 15.5.
Purchased from whusurdadi a few weeks back. Tried on but never worn. BNW(O)T (I think I saw it on my dresser). Colors simply don't suit my skin tone. $55 shipped. PRL (CIT tag behind size label), 15.5. $225 retail. Pics borrowed from original sale thread.
Apologies to all interested parties. These are now gone.
Quote: Originally Posted by supernova is that length from the bottom of the collar or top? I will have to double-check. I believe it's from the bottom.
Quote: Originally Posted by kismet how much can the waist be let? I PMed you concerning this question but you never responded ! I was quite certain that I did. I'm not much of an expert respecting tailoring, but based on my careful scrutiny of the pants there's a good 2-2.5" to be let out. Here's the picture I tried PM'ing you: As you can see, there's a fair bit of material folded into/under the waistband. I presume this is the fabric that...
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