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Post pics!
Could we see a fit pic? I wonder if it looks so industrial from all vantage points?
Quote: Originally Posted by chez_dre I am 5.11" and 188lbs. I usually wear a Medium or Slim fitted Large. But for BoO oxfords I wear an XL. The NDG fits about the same as a BoO Oxford. I don't have any W+H to compare to sorry. Is that to say that the NDG fits like a BoO Oxford in XL? I presume no, since the NDG doesn't it you...? I'm 5"11 175 lbs! I wonder...
Hey there, What size do you wear universally for tops? Does NDG run small like W+H runs small? I typically wear a M in everything, but with the tiger fleece, for example, run a "Slim Fit L".
Beautiful. If only they were in 32.
They are indelibly stamped with your corporeality. Maybe you should keep and enjoy them!
What's the actual waist?
I agree that there is an ethical problem involved in purchasing goods where the makers make so little, but I disagree that place of origin and quality of craftsmanship are necessarily related. The HL jacket I like is one of the better articles of winter clothing I found at Holt Renfrew up until around the $2000 range.
Quanto cuesta?
Yowzas. Well if there are any NYC folk here who either plan to or have attended the sale, I'd be grateful if they would PM me.
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