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APCs SOLD. Price drop on LOVA: $105 shipped.
Pictures added. Trades considered.
Measurements added. Getting around to pics...
UPDATE, Sept. 5: APC New Cures added; LOVA fit pics added (last post). 1. APC SOLD! 1.5. NEW LISTING. APC New Cures in WHITE. Purchased a month ago, worn about 10 times and washed three times (by hand, hung dry). Tagged 31; fits like a very slim 32 or regular 31. Still in excellent shape, brilliant white; some minor staining that should go away with proper care. One small yellow spot (impossible to photograph) from using a bleach pen. $65...
Is Dry Black meant to look like dark blue? Seriously!
I was just thinking the same thing...
This is now sold.
What is an "odd" jacket? Doesn't the link confirm that this is, in fact, a standalone sportcoat? Should I raise my price?
I am not a formalwear savant, but I can affirm that this jacket was SOLD to me by a reputable seller as a sportcoat or blazer. I have absolutely no reason to doubt the verity of that description; besides, based on the one or two times I've worn it, the jacket looks great whatever the bottoms.
- SOLD ! - (At asking price ) - For your consideration, a very beautiful and beautifully made blazer, made in Canada with fabrics care of Loro Piana. Purchased this off ebay earlier in the year; never wore it, would like to sell it before my substantial move to another city. The blazer was carried by Nordstrom, and from what I've been told (by knowledgeable SF'ers) was tailored by Arnold Brandt. I've also been told that, from the cut of the jacket, it is fairly...
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