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FYI: I just received my pair of NDG Classics from a recent sale thread. Beautiful jeans; amazing denim; and it looks like they'll fade wonderfully with a bit of time. I don't know about these ones, but mine were made in Japan, too!
I'm in town for the next month and have been keeping my fingers crossed... Any word on when??
If you guys literally live 30 miles apart, why don't you just pick them up denimfreak? I believe you pkjay, but perhaps you should consider flexing your customary rules in this case, and ship to an unconfirmed address. I ask for it all the time (I fly between Vancouver and Toronto) and it's never been a problem.
Price drop: $81 to the States, $79 w/in Canada.
FYI: 80 x 2 = 160
How does sizing work on the KMW raws anyhow? Down 1, down 2? Have these finished stretching? I doubt it at 5 wears...
SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Easily my favourite Nudie fit. Bought these just about one month ago and made the mistake of wearing them on the eve of going on a hiking trip with my girlfriend. They got muddy and I felt I needed to wash them when I got home; now they've turned out in a manner that I don't like. They've only been cold, gentle-cycled once. If someone were to wear the heck of these, I'm sure they'd look amazing. I'd rather start fresh. Tagged a 31 but fits...
Yeah, some interest. Pics.
Strangely, I've PM'd but heard nothing back!
Waist measures 17" across. PM me an offer.
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