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Purchased these off a fellow SF'er some month or so ago. They were virtually new when I got them, and have been worn 7 times since. They still look new and are incredibly stiff. Never washed or soaked. These are absolutely beautiful and NDG makes some incredible jeans, but I'm still not sure I can rock the color. So I'd like to let these go if the right offer comes along. Will post pics in the coming day or so. Bogged down with a major research paper. Looking...
NM. Reread original post.
Is it fair to say that the Cast coat fits like a traditional Medium? Thanks.
I appreciate this, gentlemen. I think I'll pop into both Sears and Winners tomorrow, to see what's doing. Actually, I purchased a pair of Hugo Boss dress shoes today, and would keep them except for the knowledge that I could probably have bought them for half the price (or less) from the U.S.. They are beautiful, but $440 beautiful? I could probably buy two, maybe three pairs of Allan Edmonds at that price. ...so my thinking thus far is: check out Winners and Sears;...
I've got several interviews with some corporate law firms this Monday. I've got everything but the shoes taken care of, so I've got about two days to get a decent pair. The "big" names (Boss, Zegna) are clearly not a viable option, given that they are about $200-$400 overpriced here in Toronto. So would anybody chime in on what mall brands might be in order, given my circumstances? I'd like to buy a pair of "fill-in" shoes until time allows the importation of a...
What has the waist stretched out to?
I wasn't following your previous thread, but it may have been closed because you "bumped" it to the top. As far as I am aware, that is not allowed at SF.
Quote: Originally Posted by danilo Good advice... it is a really nice jacket. But unless I could get it altered to fit me more slim, it just fits me a little too big. Let's see a fit pic! Seriously, I'm sure some buyers are curious. Don't forget, too, that as you age you will grow fat. One day you'll look smokin' in this jacket
Keep the jacket... You'll use it and enjoy it once you forget about selling it.
I can confirm that the OP, DanTheLadiesMan, returned these jeans. Skull2 is simply making (an impossible and inappropriate) bid on the jeans.
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