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APC NC Added.
APCs SOLD. Price drop on LOVA: $105 shipped.
Pictures added. Trades considered.
Measurements added. Getting around to pics...
UPDATE, Sept. 5: APC New Cures added; LOVA fit pics added (last post). 1. APC SOLD! 1.5. NEW LISTING. APC New Cures in WHITE. Purchased a month ago, worn about 10 times and washed three times (by hand, hung dry). Tagged 31; fits like a very slim 32 or regular 31. Still in excellent shape, brilliant white; some minor staining that should go away with proper care. One small yellow spot (impossible to photograph) from using a bleach pen. $65...
Is Dry Black meant to look like dark blue? Seriously!
I was just thinking the same thing...
This is now sold.
What is an "odd" jacket? Doesn't the link confirm that this is, in fact, a standalone sportcoat? Should I raise my price?
I am not a formalwear savant, but I can affirm that this jacket was SOLD to me by a reputable seller as a sportcoat or blazer. I have absolutely no reason to doubt the verity of that description; besides, based on the one or two times I've worn it, the jacket looks great whatever the bottoms.
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