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Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May People here do not know you well enough to be able to handle what I could only describe as your unique perspectives on life. It's an internet message board... The result of this thread was at least foreseeable and probably inevitable. Appreciate that JD. I think you're right. I wondered what my low thread count might produce.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis? 'Bout the few souls who a) consider this type of phenomenon unthinkinable in themselves - or, conversely, who aren't actually capable of feeling something similar, b) believe that remedying the situation is about "manning up and getting the fuck along with it", or c) who don't care to consider the value and legitimacy of another individual's personal experiences and...
I don't consider my post or my perdicament humiliating in the slightest. It is a psycho-romantic phenomenon well-documented by the poets, writers, and scientists of the ages. I posted the thread to see if some thoughtful individual might have something experiential to say about it. What I HAVE found humiliating, however - and what I take responsibility for not having foreseen - is having my valuable inner experiences voluntarily exposed to a handful of shallow apes....
I've been surfing the web for about four of the five and a half hours I've been at work today. I'd much rather be doing work, but there just hasn't been any of late. Looking forward to a new job.
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron Falling in love is no crime. Whining about it on Styleforum is, and punished as so. Hahahah... Very well. Still acclimatizing to the type and degree of intelligence of this part of the forum - I thought I might have been among some sensitive, contemplative types. No sense denying that I am a man of the (fickle) heart. (Unlike Kunk, who is a man of the pectorals and scrotum.) Jokes, guy.
Quote: Originally Posted by madison avenue You're first mistake is that you have fallen in love first, that is a big no no. How old are you? Old enough. A man can't control his emotions, can he? Or do you some men simply have none? I don't understand this shallow fondness for treating women as sexual objects. I'm not sure whether I fell in love first or not, but I don't see exactly how that's relevant. Why is it a no-no to fall in love??
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 redacted. Repeated.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 to the OP, how is high school treating you? Better than 'roids, greasy gyms, and used condoms buddy.
Unless you're a lawyer with a fair knowledge of the cirminal law, I would hesitate before stating whether or not the cop had a "right" to stop her. Cops don't have rights outside of enabling statutes and common law. I'm not familiar with U.S. criminal law (and it varies by State, as I understand it), but I would imagine that the cop would have at least needed reasonable and probable grounds to suspect that the girl was involved in some kind of crime to even stop to...
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Just because it's within your rights, does that mean it's smart to do so? I mean, if I see someone getting tasered for not responding to a policeman.... i'm just saying. I gotta keep my shit protected. I totally understand your perspective. The only thing that irks me is when people obfuscate what is "smart" to do and what is "right" to do when it comes to law enforcement. For example, they say the girl...
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