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This is fantastic. Great price, too.
Pleasure, mainly. There are three weeks where I'll be studying music, but I have no major books or accessories to carry. I'd love to be able to hop on those cheap European flights without having to pay for additional baggage...probably an impossibility, but I'm open.
I leave in 10 days. Will be mobile throughout. Wondering how much clothes and what type of luggage. Would love to avoid lugging a medium-sized suitcase around, but not sure if that is a possibility. I wonder if a duffel/backpack plus a small daypack (Filson?) could work... Would appreciate your help, travellers.
Purchased new from NOMAD in Toronto. Sadly, it does not fit me well. A perfect spring/fall trench. The indigo dye is extremely rich, and during the two times I wore several strangers remarked on its beauty. Willing to trade for the same jacket in L. Retail was upwards of $680. Asking $261 --> $231 --> $209 shipped. Feeless, please. Looks just like this: Terrible pictures, but accurate sale pricing, from...
Purchased this new about a year ago; just not getting enough use. I reckon I've worn it a maximum of 6 times. It's still in fantastic shape. No alterations. Asking $290 shipped CONUS/Canada. I'll post measurements later tonight.
Any suggestions? I live downtown. A couple tailors have already mucked up a suit and a few dress shirts...
How does the Indigo PS fit? Do they stretch out like mad?
Preferrably the tin cloth. Let me know.
Understated. Gorgeous. Luxuriant. Beautifully textured black wool. Very subtle design. Beautiful cut. Surprisingly warm. Made in Japan. I purchased this new, locally, just a couple of weeks ago in a size 38 (the last one left). I wore it for a total of two hours before resigning to the fact that it was a size too small. Fortunately, Mr. Teger posted his own jacket in a size 40 yesterday, and I copped immediately. That's how great I think this jacket is. I stole Teger's...
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