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I voted yes. And I'm awful glad this woman is behind bars.
Great fuckin' deal on those MIJ's. Too bad about the inseam!
Latin America. Peru and Bolivia are both great. I've heard amazing things about Argentina.
Mij, Mic?
Interested in measurements/pics of both W+H jeans. Cheers!
I loathe shoes in my house, and always prompt taking them off before entering another's. Shoes are filthy. They are made for outside.
6mt Ftw.
Beethoven piano sonatas (Annie Fischer playing) Of Montreal - Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? Frank Zappa - Over-nite Sensation Lou Reed - New York, Set the Twilight Reeling
- "Green" - "Conscious"
Quote: Originally Posted by ZackyBoy I thought the moto jacket by R&B was $540... for some reason I have that number in my head? Anyone care to post a link to the R&B jacket? Can't seem to find it. And would anyone care to stop talking about the R&B jacket and start PM'ing me with some fiery leather cuts?
New Posts  All Forums: