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What is an "odd" jacket? Doesn't the link confirm that this is, in fact, a standalone sportcoat? Should I raise my price?
I am not a formalwear savant, but I can affirm that this jacket was SOLD to me by a reputable seller as a sportcoat or blazer. I have absolutely no reason to doubt the verity of that description; besides, based on the one or two times I've worn it, the jacket looks great whatever the bottoms.
- SOLD ! - (At asking price ) - For your consideration, a very beautiful and beautifully made blazer, made in Canada with fabrics care of Loro Piana. Purchased this off ebay earlier in the year; never wore it, would like to sell it before my substantial move to another city. The blazer was carried by Nordstrom, and from what I've been told (by knowledgeable SF'ers) was tailored by Arnold Brandt. I've also been told that, from the cut of the jacket, it is fairly...
- SOLD - These were once my all-time favourite jeans; and they remain my all-time favourite fitting jeans. Although they could still be mistaken for the garments of nobility, owing to a small series of mishaps they are no longer what they once were. During my third or fourth wear, I spilled oil on both pant legs and made the very, very foolish mistake of letting it settle. A few small dabbles of shout and a cold cycle later, the jeans still look beautiful but have...
Much respect to this seller.
To all interested parties; My sincere apologies for the delay in getting pictures to you. It turns out, as I was snapping photos, that the clerk at Holt Renfew put aside and sold me the 34s, when, in fact, my correct size was a 32. So I took the Lovas back and exchanged them, and was also told that I could return them for a full refund within 14 days if I didn't like them. Thus, there is no need to sell them here at a loss; and, in fact, I am wearing them right now! I...
I purchased these at Holt Renfew just yesterday and tore off the tag to force myself to wear them. They are probably the most beautiful jeans I have ever owned, but after much consultation with the girlfriend and the mirror I believe actual fit on my body is slightly immodest (I have an athletic build). LOVA is based in Los Angeles and is just beginning to hit the scene up straight with really beautiful, clean-lined classic looks. CONTEXT and Revolve carry some of...
FYI: I just received my pair of NDG Classics from a recent sale thread. Beautiful jeans; amazing denim; and it looks like they'll fade wonderfully with a bit of time. I don't know about these ones, but mine were made in Japan, too!
I'm in town for the next month and have been keeping my fingers crossed... Any word on when??
If you guys literally live 30 miles apart, why don't you just pick them up denimfreak? I believe you pkjay, but perhaps you should consider flexing your customary rules in this case, and ship to an unconfirmed address. I ask for it all the time (I fly between Vancouver and Toronto) and it's never been a problem.
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