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I loathe shoes in my house, and always prompt taking them off before entering another's. Shoes are filthy. They are made for outside.
6mt Ftw.
Beethoven piano sonatas (Annie Fischer playing) Of Montreal - Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? Frank Zappa - Over-nite Sensation Lou Reed - New York, Set the Twilight Reeling
- "Green" - "Conscious"
Quote: Originally Posted by ZackyBoy I thought the moto jacket by R&B was $540... for some reason I have that number in my head? Anyone care to post a link to the R&B jacket? Can't seem to find it. And would anyone care to stop talking about the R&B jacket and start PM'ing me with some fiery leather cuts?
I need a leather jacket to take my game to the next level. Nothing classy, loose or long. I want it fit, fast and gorgeous. I take a 38-40, or a typical medium. I'm really upset to have missed out to the CP Company jacket offered by badseeds recently, so impress me with something just as sexy. Budget cap: ~$400.
Quote: Originally Posted by montyharding It's pointless arguing with born-again fanboys. As the owner of more Apple gear than most Apple-droolers will own in their lifetime and a mass of comparable Windows hardware (which is probably really what makes me more objective - I'm not comparing something much cheaper or something much older) for starters, I'm just throwing out the above as my opinion. But then, the OP might turn out to be a born-again...
Close. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xurR4pTps9c
Quote: Originally Posted by montyharding -1. They run it about as well as some crappy DIY PC. Bad drivers, bad BIOS emulation. Unreliable, overdesigned and underengineered shiny baubles compared to Dell / HP's Pro offerings and bad value compared to their consumer lines, less flexible and an overhyped OS that's less versatile and no different - and inferior in some ways - to Vista/W7 for simple uses like the OP's. I appreciate the design aspect,...
Is that Caruso in your avatar, btw? Among my heroes, but perhaps not quite as much as the angelic Fleta.
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