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Those don't fit you properly!
Prices include shipping CONUS/Canada. 1. APC NC. SOLD. 2. W+H Henley. Tagged L; fitted. Burgundy/purple and white. Purchased from the W+H sample sale last year; worn once. Basically NWOT (never had any!). NOW $49. Cheers!
Where is this made? Is the second picture the most accurate color representation?
That's a good price. I change my vote.
Quote: Originally Posted by chas That thing is begging to be filled with stacks of $100 bills and/or big bags of drugs. +1
It's a manpurse!
My NDGs also shrank from a 32 to a 31 after a wash; and I hung it to dry! That's an annoying feature of the denim they use, as nice as it looks and feels. Forced me to buy an identical pair in 34...
Nice ties, nice pictures.
Those high-tops be radical.
Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles Just rec'd my beautiful #3 Isaia in 2 days from across the country. Now I just hope they fit =). Excellent seller! What he said. Except another #.
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