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Do brownies count?
You wouldn't know one way or the other. The uncertainty is the very point.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one It's summer, it's hot, I am incredibly OCD about even walking the block to the premium supermarket I frequent and getting it home without the skinless chicken whitening or frosting at the edges. I grab the ice packs and ice my meat purchases (last thing I grab before checking out as well) and then get home as fast as possible to refrigerate it. I always try to grab from the back and as far under as possible (basic...
Excellent editing job. Palin speaks like an 11-year old Southerner mocking a ditzy model turned governor of Alaska.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cavalier I prefer a more eclectic look. I've seen many beautiful styles incorporating the modern look with interesting antiques, Victorian elements, rustic Parisian, country chic,etc.etc. beautiful rugs, etc. I agree with this. There is something undeniably cold about the modern, undeniable lame about the contemporary, and undeniably gawdy about the modern, contemporary, and lounge looks you posted. Of the three, I...
I voted yes. And I'm awful glad this woman is behind bars.
Great fuckin' deal on those MIJ's. Too bad about the inseam!
Latin America. Peru and Bolivia are both great. I've heard amazing things about Argentina.
Mij, Mic?
Interested in measurements/pics of both W+H jeans. Cheers!
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