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In my opinion, OP got a tough time from a well-intentioned but misinformed Canali tie "expert".
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel I have somewhere around 30 Canali ties. A couple of them do have "Made in Italy" on the keeper. Unless SFA and NM are in the business of flogging counterfeits, I don't think this is an indicator of spuriousness. If one were to counterfeit Canalis, why bother copying a much less common variant of the labelling? What would anyone bother counterfeiting Canali ties at all when they can so readily be had or sale or...
Quote: Originally Posted by fredhelms Just an FYI to any people considering buying from jawsz12: The suit did have ironing shine on the pants and had been worn so much that the fabric was frayed through on one of the belt loops as shown in the picture. Despite the significant misrepresentation of the quality of the suit, jawsz12 won't accept a return. Buyers beware. http://img9.imageshack.us/my.php?ima...entaspxjnw.jpg Bummer. TTT.
I can't decide if this is a stupid or a practical idea so... Set to start working this summer and want to expand my wardrobe. The world of high men's fashion is a bit foreign to me, so rather than learning everything piece by piece I thought I'd create an open thread and supplement it with my own finds. Anyhow, I'm 5"11 175lbs and, in the two suits that I do own (Boss), I wear a tailored 40R. In a couple of Boss suits that I've recently tried on, however, I've hovered...
Soooo nice. It's a shame I don't know how sexy I look in these! And that I don't have $180 to find out! Stellar shades.
Quote: Originally Posted by breakfasteatre Notice how this rarely happens in the mens clothing for sale forum? The streetwear and denim for sale forum is like a mini superfuture, 16 year old hypebeast douche bags Other forum. "Douche bags" wear Valentino and $50 socks.
Why sell a piece of your family's heritage for $100? Plus, it looks good on you!
I own these pants in a 32. Construction is second to none. Fit is awesome. Literally as stiff as cardboard; you could stand them up on their own two legs!
Is that the indigo rub on the mid-left section of the second picture?
Where is this made?
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