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I noticed a small, loose thread near the tush on the rear of the coat. Should be easy to fix. Price has been dropped. Now a steal!
NDGs sold!
W+H HENLEY: Chest: 19" Shoulders: Between 18-19", depending on where you measure
Major drops! Get on it!!!
To me! I found out that I do, indeed, look sexy in these puppies.
P.S. I'd be interested in trades. I still need a few ties, a couple of dress shirts (15.5 --> 15.75), could use a briefcase or travel bag, and wouldn't mind an alternative sportcoat in 38-40R. Nothing boxy please!
To be perfectly honest - and to run the risk of sounding like an amateur - I don't know. The sleeves are certainly "folded in" about 1 1/2 inches. If that's a sign that they can be "let out", then I imagine they can be. I apologize. I've just recently had to enter the world of proper men's fashions and am still learning the ropes. Hence the reason for my averting to the previous sales thread for proper measurements and such.
I was flattering myself a tad when I ignored others' warning that it fits like a 38. In any event, measurements can be found in the link!
Purchased this from a fellow SF'er. Unfortunately, neither the color nor the proportions are ideal for my body. A shame, since the coat has tons of character and is made of wonderful cashmere. See pics and measurements of the jacket here: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...hlight=zanella Asking $SOLD$ inclusive.
W+H vest sold.
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