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I would appreciate an invite.
They are the chosen people. If you choose to walk into them, that's your problem!
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles New York Shitty Rating: 7.3/10 Pros: ..... [/list] Great post. Enjoyed reading it. As for Edmonton, Stazy, "cultural capital" of Canada? When did that happen?
Quote: Originally Posted by connor "everyone has a plan until they get hit" - mike tyson Amazing!
Excellent feedback, gentlemen. I'd love to hear from SF'ers who live outside of North America. Where area all the Tokyoites, Berliners, Parisians, Transylvanians and Casablancans?
Tokyo looks like an amaaaaaaaazing place. Not to stray too far off topic, but how much would it cost to live there for, say, 2-3 months???
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 HILARIOUS!!!!!!
From the Master Emerson: "Society everywhere is in conspiracy against the manhood of every one of its members. Society is a joint-stock company, in which the members agree, for the better securing of his bread to each shareholder, to surrender the liberty and culture of the eater. The virtue in most request is conformity. Self-reliance is its aversion. It loves not ... Read Morerealities and creators, but names and customs. Whoso would be a man must be a...
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 The Cinque Terre are beautiful - not sure how much you're planning to spend thee but I wouldn't do more than 2 or 3 days. Portofino / Santa Margherita is closeby so I'd do that as well. Not too far from Lucca which is awesome and obviously as you noted Florence. +1. I have no idea what the weather's like in September, though. May want to research that.
The Big Lebowski may be the funniest movie I've ever seen. Can anyone name something funnier? I'd love to see it. With the Coen brothers, I find that when they're on their game, they're seriously on.
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