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Does this have a velvet-like texture?
Gorgeous piece. If it were a 40R I'd likely take it.
Much appreciated.
Nudies sold. $70 later, all sold items are in the mail.
Who is GR and What does his shoe line compare to?
Quote: Originally Posted by osc Take a visit to Holt Renfew Last Call (Vaughn Mills) or Harry Rosen Factory Outlet (Heartland) if you don't what salespeople hassling you - it's pretty relaxed at those two stores and you can on suits on as you please with the the average attention a Holt's or Harry's would normally give. Thanks for this recommendation. I didn't know those two outlets existed. What are the discounts like? Anything comparable...
Gracias. Beautiful, beautiful suit.
The measurements on the RLPL DB Peak seem more commensurate with a 40R. Is this a fair statement?
I live in Toronto. There aren't many options available to us here in terms of last-calls or heavily discounted suits. I also feel awkward stepping into Harry Rosen simply to try on a suit I never intend to buy so as to have a better sense of what "fits". I agree that buying a several-hundred-dollar suit off ebay is a bit of a risk, but what should somebody in my situation do? I need some more formal/work wear but am not entirely sure how to get my hands on a few...
Diesels sold!! Somebody grab those Nudies!!!
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