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Wrong forum. My apologies. For a pair of NDG jeans, see Streetwear.
Price dropped even further. An essentially brand new, fully canvassed Hickey Freeman for well under $250. Please note: The "Hickey Freeman" label has been crossed out in the inner breast.
Received this lovely suit from hadamulletonce a couple of weeks back - a wonderful seller! Unfortunately, the measurements just don't add up, so I'm selling it for the same low price of SOLD SOLD SOLD. It has a really nice look, 3 button with roll. The suit is fully canvassed tasmanian wool super 130's. Shoulders: 18.75 inches Chest: 42 inches Arms: 25 inches Length: 32 inches Vent: double Pants Waist: 32.25 Rise: 10.5 Inseam: 35 Cuffed: 1.5 inch...
That almost looks like a cheap attempt at a fashion-forward emblem, and not an actual indicator that the jacket is a sample.
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley missed it. while I usually read Ed's comments as I come across them, I didn't in this instance and thought Moo's question was a serious one. my bad. +1 CONGRATULATIONS SKYVALET!
At the sad risk of totally diverting this thread, who exactly is/was being sarcastic?
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley Come on, man. This is a little bit much. I dont' think Sky Valet is a discount shoe store run to cater to SF folks' desire to get rock-bottom prices in lieu of customer service. Agreed. A bit forward and premature. Congratulations are more in line, with a friendly PM for good measure.
My sincere apologies, gentlemen. The second one (light colored) is being withdrawn, as my father has expressed an interest in it. I will post sleeve and chest measurements on the charcoal/blue stripe shortly.
That Henley cardigan is one of my favourite pieces of all time. If it were a medium, I'd snap up a second one as a backup. Great price, too!
BNWT. 100% Cotton. MII. $69 shipped CONUS or Canada. Feel free to PM me with any questions.
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