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Seattle should be nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower http://www.collativelearning.com/EYE...0analysis.html Extraordinary analysis. ...and I think EWS is just as hard to rank as the rest of Kubrick's films. They're ALL that good.
Quote: Originally Posted by Girardian I have a "flexible" no-shoe policy in my house. A quaint sign announced my preference and so long as guests are not wearing shoes with soles likely to hold small rocks or the like, I allow them to wear shoes in the house. If they are wearing floor unfriendly shoes, I simply ask them to check to make sure there's nothing stuck in them. It is more important to me that my guests feel at ease then that everyone be...
Quote: Originally Posted by BP348 I say the same for Diabetes Chronic illness sucks, huh? One feels the invincibility of their spirit impotent against a tiny unknown foe. If only I had a scalpel and Crohn's were physical!
Did the tux pants come with the coat, or are they separate pieces?
All throughout my undergraduate years I recall feeling drowsy, frequently sleepy and weak in my stomach. I would nap constantly during the daytime and my energy levels were unpredictable at best. At some point I began to develop sporadic, sharp shooting paints in my lower intestinal tract. Fast forward: I was diagnosed with Crohn's about a year ago. A very mild form requring little medication, but the disease is certainly a presence in my life. I have never suffered...
Minimum 7. 21 is common. Unless it's a single or a three-speed, it won't make much of a difference either way. Your body and riding behavior will adapt to the number of gears you have.
Quote: Originally Posted by dah328 Yes, if it does not result in an increase in disease or detectable soiling of the floors (i.e., visible), how can you consider it rational? Because there is a clear and palpable difference between what is disease-inducing and what is just plain dirty. There are many filthy things that a reasonable person wouldn't want in their home - like insects, harmless molds, etc. - that don't necessarily expose you to...
Good show!
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