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Purchased these frames (with a custom Rx) just over one week from a top-tier Canadian retailer for $359. Not convinced Storm is the right colorway for me, so looking to trade straight for another pair or, if you are interested, sell outright. I love these frames and will end up buying another pair if no trades exist. With Oliver Peoples box, cloth, etc. all in mint condition. Worn 4 times, as I switch between these and my trusty...
Nice specs.
After you engage them in conversation, just tell them you'd like to talk to them again - in just those terms. "I want to talk to you again. What's your number?" or "How do I reach you again?" I've always felt that pulling out a cell phone and punching in the digits cheapens the mood. Fortunately, my work requires me to keep a pen and paper handy. Then part ways as if you were on your way. If it's someone you have repeated contact with, be patient with it. Wait for the...
I don't know a thing about watches, so I'll be relying on a) your advocacy, b) my inimitable sense of style, and c) the responses of those in this thread to gauge what I should buy. Looking to spend under $500. Could be vintage or new'ish. Something understated, masculine, perhaps with a dash of elegance. Must be in excellent condition. Let me know what you have. I'm in Toronto. Thanks.
W+H are pretty TTS. I'm a genuine 32" and these are just a touch tight. I've added measurements for all.
Very very nice.
Don't think that would help much, as none of these fit me the way they should. If I were to buy a new pair of New Standards, though, I'd probably buy 29s.
Thanks guys. My first instinct was to buy a nice bourbon, since that's my own favorite hard drink. But I frankly don't know enough about liquor to know what most people would appreciate receiving - or if bourbon is generally regarded (in Canada) as a fine drink. In fact, I have no clue what cptjeff is talking about. I wish I did.
Leaving a fantastic job, and want to treat my boss and a few of my colleagues to a nice drink they can share at the office. Willing to spend about $100. I don't think any of them are seasoned drinkers, so it need not be esoteric. Recommendations?
Shoot me what you've got. Located in Toronto. Thanks.
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