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they're quite trim. see the leg opening.
gutteridge is a florentine otr shop. think brooks brothers, but a slightly lower price point. anyway, this is a great 38r summer suit in a trim modern italian fit. 38r drop 6. i'm 5"11 with a decent build, about 175lbs and it's right. see the fit. worn twice. only thing to note is a small spot on lapel, 90% faded through care. $153 $133 paypal personal or add 4% shipped conus/canada. jacket chest: 20” shoulders: 18” length (bottom of collar): 29” pants waist:...
worn three times. 9d. pretty true. $131 $118 paypal personal or add 4% shipped conus/canada. no box.
bought last year. worn 4 or 5 times, albeit in the snow. these will patina nice. fits like a slightly widish 10. no box. $113 paypal personal or add 4% shipped conus/canada.
if you go to florence, you'll see a lot of old men and young don juans rocking this jacket. you could buy it from one of the hundreds of "merchants" preying on tourists, or you could pony up and buy it from la scuola del cuoio in santa croce. just google them. anyway, i bought this a size too small. i tried donning it anyway but the chest is too tight. absolutely stunning materials and workmanship. super supple and perfect for three seasons. similar quality from a big...
nice and simple. black cotton. with ndg japanese-made quality. purchased 3 years ago and stored. never worn or washed. one fly button loose, otherwise new. $91 paypal personal or add 4% shipped conus/canada. waist: 16.75” front: 11.5” seat: 14.5" thigh: 12” lo: 8.5”
Both too big for me in the waist, but they still look nice and fit. take your pick. $64 $51 $49 $39 paypal personal or add 4% shipped conus/canada. 31 waist: 17.5” front: 9.5” thigh: 9.5” leg opening: 7” 33 waist: 18.5 front: 10.25 thigh: 9.75 leg opening: 7.25”
get ready for fall. purchased last winter. worn 4 or 5 times. wish i'd bought a large. beautiful colour and details. removable inner lining. two buttons came loose, i don't know why. they're in the front left pocket. there are a couple extras attached to the tag, too. made in canada. $211 $181 $151 pp personal payment or add 4% shipped from canada. shoulder: 18” chest: 20” length (from top of cuff): 34"
worn three times. no more patience for raw. nothing to note except tiny fade on left calf from removing some gunk. pictured. $111 pp personal or add 4% shipped us/canada. waist: 16.25 leg open: 7
Drop to $233. Get the cool, artistic babes with these.
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