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Purchased new by me a couple years back. Worn sparingly. 100% virgin wool. Made in the USA. Tagged 38. Fits like a tailored medium. Rare color. Only selling because it's too small - replaced it with a hunter green a few days ago, in 40. - From the rear, the shoulder seams are 18" apart. - From the front, the armpits are 21.5" apart. $199 $179 personal payment shipped CONUS or Canada.
Purchased by me a couple years back. Retail was over $1k. Always a tad small, so worn sparingly. Really beautiful grey herringbone in wool. Extremely warm. Even in sub-zero temperatures a t-shirt will suffice. Tagged IT48. Fits like a tailored, but true, medium. $289 $269 $249 $209 personal payment, shipped CONUS or Canada.
50"x70" 84% wool, 16% nylon Made in the USA NWT $109 $99 pp gift shipped CONUS or Canada.
Brand new from Filson. $219 $209 pp gift shipped CONUS or Canada.
Brand new from Filson. $219 $209 pp gift shipped CONUS or Canada.
It wasn't like that at all. Actually, if anything was lacking it was lust. She was pretty innocent in that way.
Ended a year-long relationship a couple weeks back. I can't say enough good things about her or the relationship. We saw each other regularly, did tons (including travel) and never fought. She made me a better person. Our chemistry was great. Only, my heart never lit up. I hated the thought of her being unhappy, but I scarcely missed her when we were apart, and I often craved space - and other women. The road ahead looks a lot like the one I was on before we met -...
Super legit gentlemen's technical jacket.
Super classic NDG Japanese-made heather grey denim. All over their F/W 09 collection. Found hidden in my closet - from years ago. Always too big (though they're meant to fit relaxed). Worn about three times. Never washed. One or two negligible spots, but in fantastic, closet-classic condition overall. $108 $99 $79 $69 pp gift or add 4%, shipped. w: 16.5" front: 11" thigh: 10.4" lo: 8.5"
New Posts  All Forums: