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I couldn't resist purchasing this. A bit shortsighted of me, given the stacked holiday Visa bills. Received by me this morning. Still has all the tags attached, and the pockets are still basted. The jacket is absolutely beautiful. Original sales thread here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/326430/nwt-awesome-caruso-mainline-sportcoat-size-40r-free-shipping-within-us $299 shipped CONUS or Canada. PP gift payment or add 4%. Thanks.
Nice staple.
I took a quick gander at the top hits for web developers on ODesk. Wasn't impressed, and don't have the patience to screen so many potentials. I really like the look and feel of the squarespace concept, but it seems very design heavy. That's not necessarily an issue, but the service isn't the cheapest ($8/month). Elegant themes also seems attractive. Looks like you pay $39 for access to all of their themes. ... So, if I'm getting the language right, right now I have a...
Need a website for my legal practise. Something tasteful and professional. What's the best way of getting one set up for under $1000? I see all these "free templates" on Google; is that the way to go? Or should are there programs out there simple enough for non-coders like me to use? Website doesn't need to be flashy - pun intended. Here's an example of one I like: http://www.roylelaw.ca/index-1.php My first instinct was to pay someone to do it.... Thoughts?
Looking to buy a nice leather bomber. Throw me what you've got. I'm a size medium. 38-40R. 18-18.5" shoulders, 21" chest etc.
Any room in the hem to make the trousers longer? And how/if at all was the jacket altered? Shortened any?
NWT Mainline Gianfranco Ferre 100% cotton suit. Tends to the darker camel tone. Gorgeous fabric and feel. Killer modern cut. Appropriate for three seasons, IMO. Made in Italy. MSRP $1495. A sex magnet. Just like this one, but in 40R: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NWT-1495-GIANFRANCO-FERRE-Mainline-Lustrous-Cotton-Summer-Suit-38-R-Eu48-Italy-/280966826815?pt=US_CSA_MC_Suits&hash=item416aed8b3f Price includes shipping CONUS/Canada. Payment via paypal gift. Approximate...
Sorry, wrong forum!
Purchased from a fellow forum member a couple of weeks ago. Worn twice. Unaltered except for removal of breast pocket basting. Pockets still sealed shut. Will include buttons/tags etc. For measurements and additional photos please see the original ad here. I love this jacket but it is a touch too casual for my application. Paying it forward at $235 shipped CONUS/CANADA. Feeless payment, please.
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