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Looking for some perspective... While under the influence last night, I attended a friend's home and nearly melted in my seat listening to records of Wagner and Vivaldi on a second-rate stereo system. When my buddy popped in a CD of the same music, we looked at each other in a mutual "WTF" moment. It struck me all of a sudden that - at least as far as classical music goes - the shit that comes out CDs is NOT the tone of a violin...or cellos...or wind instruments, etc. but...
GF1 owner. Awesome camera.
Interestingly, this ad makes me want to be a vegetarian.
Hickey Freeman sportcoat sold. Drop on the Brooks Brother suit. This is a GREAT work suit with tons of love to give.
It's called having a simple mind. He's a snow plow guy. He was just using his using vehicle's moderately superior snow capabilities as leverage to feel better than people in your socio-economic class. It's a simple, pitiable impulse; no need to be upset.
Quote: Originally Posted by bsarosi OP, Would you consider splitting the lot up, say into sets of 3 or more, or are you firm on selling them in one lot? Ditto. I'd like 3 of the AEs. If you're game PM me.
I'm spoiled and tend to underappreciate all the nice things I have, but I still LOVE the Panasonic DMC-GF1. Check it out.
Do any of you guys know much about the CLP series of digital pianos? They seem to be very expensive, more-or-less one-trick ponies...i.e. polished, refined looking digital pianos. What kind of niche do these fill? I mean, they're damned expensive, so why wouldn't you just put the same amount of money in a high end workstation with a good grand piano sound built in?? Reason I ask, a CLP-330 just popped up in the local classifieds...and I'm thinking about it... Here's the...
Recently ditched the latest Android phone to get back to back the 4. Thank goodness! Any recs on the best iPhone 4 case?
Looks like the CP-33 should fit the bill nicely. If I could find a decent example at a good price I'd probably cop. I'd just flip it when I move into my new apartment and buy a grand anyhow Going to look into this further. Thanks so far, gentlemen!
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