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Fascinating. These are precisely the three cameras on my list. I currently own the S95 and am a bit disappointed, to be honest. I feel like I need the step up to a micro 4/3rds, but have been waiting for the GF2 to hit our shores, either for a price drop on the GF1 or for a reason to cop the latest model. How does the touchscreen strike you? It's been getting a lot of bad rap from the "real" photographers, but all as a matter of speculation, of course.
Quote: Originally Posted by Duff_Man +1, I have choice words for him What say you, peons!
Woopsies. Apologies, friends! Please delete at your leisure, mods. I'll repost in the appropriate forum once this disappears.
I'm going blind. Hit me up with cool specks.
Mmm, Prague! Was Paris a serious recommendation? I thought Paris was expensive!
Quote: Originally Posted by JoelF 1 euro = 1.3672 US dollars There are no cheap cities in Europe. This statement is so flawed on so many levels. Hahaha!
I'd like to visit a friend over in Europe without breaking the bank. 7 days total, so it could very well be all in one spot. Any recommendations? I've heard the Euro travels relatively far in Berlin. That could be nice.
I place considerable value on those dreams that obviously have an profound impact/relationship to my subconscious. If I wake up from a dream sweating or afraid or in ecstasy, I think it's only wise to spend a bit of time trying to determine what it could mean. I am also convinced that dreams have limited prophetic value, and I don't at all see this as illogical. In fact, I think viewing time and space as strictly linear progressions as even more simple-minded.
I feel something transcendent in me. I suppose you might say that feeling crystallizes in an emotional sensitivity towards "divine" things, albeit not anthropomorphized or necessarily masculine. What I admire most about authentic religiosity or faith (as opposed to rote attendance and regurgitation) is its implied insistence on improving your treatment of others. For me, the traces of transcendence in my chest/brain are a constant call to reform and compassion. The...
New Posts  All Forums: