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Accompanied my gf so that she could write a two-day medical exam nearby. That leaves all day Wednesday and Thursday to kill on my own. Any good shopping? Record/music shops? Restaurants/coffee shops we could go to together? Parks or other areas worth walking around in? I'm coming from Toronto, so I'd even consider driving some to get to a decent outlet, if there is one....
In the experience of others, is that snag really re-weavable at a small cost?
Didn't Cobain die at 27, too? Too bad. My jaw dropped when I heard it on the news. I rather liked her.
Very nice. This could make someone happy.
Another free bump for a great seller. Last item was a home run!
Free bump for a great seller. Always a pleasure, M.
PM sent
I'm "occupying", but haven't taken possession (re: title) yet. Gentlemen, I'd ask that you please stop making the assumptions necessary to justify your anguish. It's better to ASK before you bark. I completed a "PDI" walkthrough which, in my locale, starts a 30-day clock for warranty purposes. Even outside of the warranty I'm fairly certain I can bring a suit if I care to. Anyways, since I haven't received any more than one or two helpful responses in this thread, you...
I purchased pre-construction, so I didn't see the property before buying. Knowing/not knowing the provisions of the contract pre-construction is not determinative in this situation. You guys are annoying.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire I love statements like this. And these are even better. 'Cause yeah, the issue over a dinky condo is going to trial. The likelihood of success at trial is what ultimately determines the heft of your bargaining power during negotiation. Even if it the matter is "dinky", the other side will either hear you or not based on how effectively you can convince them that you would succeed if you took them to...
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