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Pretty please........ 34/50.
Awesome stuff.
Drops on HF Sportcoat and BB Suit.
The Boglioli is sold. I've added measurements to the suits in request. Drops on the ISAIA and NDG.
Quote: Originally Posted by KObalto The thread should be squirreled but I don't know if he should be banned as he seems quite ill and banning might cause him self harm. Maybe the universal ignore that was visited upon shooman? He probably wouldn't notice. Hmmmm...now I see what goes on in here when Metro and Manton aren't going at it. I take back my previous comment. This is important work you guys do. Carry on.
Heh. First time logging into this thread. Never knew it was for gays.
I love Tuscan Leather. My favourite!
Quote: Originally Posted by BryanHarig The MT4G is powerful and has some advantages but I dislike the software customizations on it and I really dont like the look of it. It is just ugly. Since you dont want a physical keyboard the G2 is out of the running. Have you considered the Nexus One or Nexus S? I'd really like the Nexus S but it's a bit too pricey up here in Canada. $700 vs. $450 for the MyTouch. Is the Nexus One really...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim I'd look at the G2 instead. The MyTouch has always seemed kinda like an entry level POS to me. The G2 is nice though. The MT4G has been getting some awesome press. And the bit of forum researching I've done has definitely put it ahead of the G2. I also don't want a physical keyboard.
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