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Serious staple. Would cop (if I wasn't impecunious).
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman I hate every single one of these commercials. I can feel them sucking my soul out of my eyeballs as I watch more and more garbage being peddled to a nation of fat consumers. I weep. I wonder if this is what my conscience sounds like... I like you, Harvey.
Looking for some perspective... While under the influence last night, I attended a friend's home and nearly melted in my seat listening to records of Wagner and Vivaldi on a second-rate stereo system. When my buddy popped in a CD of the same music, we looked at each other in a mutual "WTF" moment. It struck me all of a sudden that - at least as far as classical music goes - the shit that comes out CDs is NOT the tone of a violin...or cellos...or wind instruments, etc. but...
GF1 owner. Awesome camera.
Interestingly, this ad makes me want to be a vegetarian.
Hickey Freeman sportcoat sold. Drop on the Brooks Brother suit. This is a GREAT work suit with tons of love to give.
It's called having a simple mind. He's a snow plow guy. He was just using his using vehicle's moderately superior snow capabilities as leverage to feel better than people in your socio-economic class. It's a simple, pitiable impulse; no need to be upset.
Quote: Originally Posted by bsarosi OP, Would you consider splitting the lot up, say into sets of 3 or more, or are you firm on selling them in one lot? Ditto. I'd like 3 of the AEs. If you're game PM me.
I'm spoiled and tend to underappreciate all the nice things I have, but I still LOVE the Panasonic DMC-GF1. Check it out.
Do any of you guys know much about the CLP series of digital pianos? They seem to be very expensive, more-or-less one-trick ponies...i.e. polished, refined looking digital pianos. What kind of niche do these fill? I mean, they're damned expensive, so why wouldn't you just put the same amount of money in a high end workstation with a good grand piano sound built in?? Reason I ask, a CLP-330 just popped up in the local classifieds...and I'm thinking about it... Here's the...
New Posts  All Forums: