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Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman Knowing my client committed a crime doesn't mean he committed the crime he's charged with. As an example, I get clients charged with PWID (Possession with intent to distribute) all the time. The vast majority are not trying to sell the stuff; they bought for personal use (a lesser crime). But the Commonwealth can't seize a person's vehicle and sell it at auction to support the Drug Task Force unless the person is...
Before I engage you guys in conversation, let me re-iterate that my intention is to canvass your views and opinions with an open mind. Defense work is a field I'm considering myself, so I am very far from presuming that it is ethically or morally unsound. Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman The way you phrase your questions suggests the result you expect. [...] I'm not there to assist in someone's victimhood, there are social workers and...
I'd like to solicit the opinion of those practising criminal defense about whether their careers ever conflict with their conscience - or if, in fact, the opposite is true. I'm far, far beyond the "How can you defend people you know are guilty?" frame of mind, but I can't escape the notion that the actual practise of criminal defence requires lawyers to do sleazy things: like cross-examining (often very young or vulnerable) victims, attempting to exploit the...
Oops. Edit.
Nice stuff. Just wish you had better pictures, especially of the BB.
So cuuuute
Quote: Originally Posted by rathebaindc There is a difference between "seriously undervaluing wares" and being happy with a profit until it is learned that a potentially bigger profit could be earned by spurning the people that got you to purchase said wares for a profit you would have been happy for in the first place. EDIT: Nevermind. I'm not well-apprised enough of the facts to comment.
Gentlemen, If you have reason to believe that the seller honestly but mistakenly undervalued his wares, it's YOU who is a douchebag for barking and cawing to stick it to him. Sheesh. People will do anything to justify their greed.
Serious staple. Would cop (if I wasn't impecunious).
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman I hate every single one of these commercials. I can feel them sucking my soul out of my eyeballs as I watch more and more garbage being peddled to a nation of fat consumers. I weep. I wonder if this is what my conscience sounds like... I like you, Harvey.
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