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Anybody use a MyTouch 4G? I'm changing carriers in a couple weeks and have to abandon the iPhone. This looks like a winner.
Panasonic DMC-GF1. Best camera evar. Here's the review that pushed me over the edge: http://craigmod.com/journal/gf1-fieldtest/ It's really that great.
Quote: Originally Posted by jgold47 no worries. its the same list pretty much as the last 5 years. Sign I saw today: may all your troubles last as long as your new years resolutions! There's a reason why the list hasn't changed! Hahah, hence my advice!
Quote: Originally Posted by jgold47 1. loose this 20lbs I gained since I moved back - got to get to my fighting weight by my wedding 2. stop buying 10 of the same thing simply because they are on sale or I got a good deal, and instead buy one really nice thing 3. relax more, not be so high strung, especially as it relates to my job. 4. treat others with respect, I can kind of lash out 5. get to the doctors more when I think something is wrong, not...
Some secksy items. $ includes shipping. Paypal gift. I can't take measurements until Tuesday. I'm looking for a pair of NDG-1 frames, please. Oh, and Happy New Year QUESTIONS ANSWERED Quote: Originally Posted by fiskkm I am very interested in the BB suit. Are the pants flat front? Also, how would you describe the color - gray with royal blue pinstripes? Once you post the measurements, I may be ready to buy. Pants are flat front. The...
Paypal gift, please. Shipping's included. 1. Nom de Guerre Black Chinos. Tagged "Large" (~34-~35). Made in Japan. Worn once. A nice, conservative cut. Great, semi-raw fabric. Cuffed. Please mind the creases. $101. 2. Hugo Boss black staple slacks. BNWT. SOLD.
Went out and picked up the GF1 today. $650 CAD. Not bad considering this badboy sold for over $1k just a few months ago! Looking forward to getting to using it to death. I'll miss the s95, though!
Quote: Originally Posted by akatsuki GF1 > GF2 > S95. The GF1 is a bit more of a photographers camera because it has more manual controls. For a P&S, GF2 or S95 would be fine... I'd still consider the E-PL1 just for the IBIS personally. The autofocus is a hair slower than the GF1 but is almost as good (older reviews had it slower before firmware updates). The other option, of course, is to wait for this sucker -...
Fascinating. These are precisely the three cameras on my list. I currently own the S95 and am a bit disappointed, to be honest. I feel like I need the step up to a micro 4/3rds, but have been waiting for the GF2 to hit our shores, either for a price drop on the GF1 or for a reason to cop the latest model. How does the touchscreen strike you? It's been getting a lot of bad rap from the "real" photographers, but all as a matter of speculation, of course.
Quote: Originally Posted by Duff_Man +1, I have choice words for him What say you, peons!
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