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I appreciate all of your feedback, gentlemen. It is sometimes harsh - perhaps even uncalled for at moments - but I accept it. I asked for it. I should state that I see a great deal of flaws that have developed in my nature owing to the privileges I've had. Backbone and work ethic are probably among those. On the other hand, I don't think I harbor too many illusions about what I truly love and how much of a god-given right I have to explore that love. I simply haven't had...
Gentlemen, I need a broader range of perspectives on this longstanding dilemma. The girlfriend, mother and father simply aren't enough of a reference point. I swear I tried to be brief: I'm 28 years old. Called to the bar last year. Well provided for by my family. I own a big condo and pay the mortgage. I drive a nice car gifted by my father. I am 85% independent. I am relatively spoiled but extremely grateful. I haven't had to try very hard (intellectually, etc.) to...
Delete plz. Moved to appropriate subforum.
Took both jobs Thanks, guys. Looking forward to teaching!
I've got a chance to step into a professor's shoes and teach college kids twice a week for the next two months. The salary and the hours are pretty meager - and I'd be giving up a short-term contract to do serious full-time work - but it seems like a great opportunity to try something I've always wanted. I'm not sure which I'd regret more: giving up the short-term contract (which is rare) in my chosen field, or turning down the opportunity to be a teacher. I'd still get to...
The fact that you guys are surprised at fraiche's fiancee's reaction indicates that you know little about women.
Photos are functus.
She is fat. She is out of shape. Kind of shocking most of you disagree. I guess Americans accustomed to obesity.
I haven't done any A/B'ing, but I'm very happy with my old Marantz 2285, a pair of KEF 103s from the early 80s, a Thorens TD165 turntable and an Apogee Duet 2 whenever I feel like listening to digital with more oomph.
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