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I own a new condo downtown and am already thinking about refinancing and reinvesting in future builds. The trouble is clear, though: Toronto's real estate market - particularly in terms of new condo developments - is extremely hot. I'm relatively new to real estate and am not sure where to turn to for sound, objective advice on real estate investment in the GTA. All the real estate brokers I've spoken to say we're not in a bubble (go figure), but within a 500m radius of...
This guy is my new hero. I feel worthless watching him work.
I'd like to rear a husky, but I know next to nothing about dogs. Before I get a book on the subject, I'm wondering if the veteran dog-owners out there could provide me with some perspective. Here are my vitals: - Downtown Toronto. Lots of green space around. Beautiful summers, but fairly long and heavy winters. - I live in a condo that is just over 1000 square feet. I have some fairly valuable items, including expensive rugs and furniture. - I'm single and I work. I'm...
Earthquake after flood after nuclear disaster after civil war after freak temperatures after famines after economic collapse(ing) after mass hyper-sexual hollow cultural ideation after volcanic eruptions and repeat and augment. And again. Has felt like it to me for a couple of years now. I am largely apathetic. I wouldn't think it terribly unjust for this humanity to disintegrate. Strange thing is that even if there were a consensus about it, we could likely do little...
Accompanied my gf so that she could write a two-day medical exam nearby. That leaves all day Wednesday and Thursday to kill on my own. Any good shopping? Record/music shops? Restaurants/coffee shops we could go to together? Parks or other areas worth walking around in? I'm coming from Toronto, so I'd even consider driving some to get to a decent outlet, if there is one....
In the experience of others, is that snag really re-weavable at a small cost?
Didn't Cobain die at 27, too? Too bad. My jaw dropped when I heard it on the news. I rather liked her.
Very nice. This could make someone happy.
Another free bump for a great seller. Last item was a home run!
Free bump for a great seller. Always a pleasure, M.
New Posts  All Forums: