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This is truly a lovely suit, especially for the price. Perfect for spring and summer!
They appear to be RLBL posing as "new" RLPL - if I understand the recent talk about lineage correctly:Here's one: http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=83760666&cp=54803326.54803846&ab=ln_men_cs_suits&parentPage=familyAnd the other: http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=83760646&cp=54803326.54803846&ab=ln_men_cs_suits&parentPage=family$1379 ea. on sale directly from Ralph Lauren. Maybe not so hot. And definitely not the same grade RLPL you...
There's a new Saks in Toronto, and they're selling a few current-year "RLPL" (whatever that means now) Anthony suits for about $1500CAD on sale. That works out to about $1170 USD. Decent staple charcoals and navies. Is this a decent deal? Sounds expensive with you guys bandying $500 about for "older" RLBL. Any Amerifriends interested in picking me up a couple blowout RLBLs for a commission?
Best friend's wedding is coming up and my business is gaining momentum. Time for some upgrades. Let me know what you have. Charcoal, navy, steel grey. Shipping would be to Toronto, and I'd want the items shipped appropriately. Thanks.
From the glory years of Wings + Horns. Hand-made in Canada. A truly unique extra-thick, slightly slouchy black cotton shawl blazer. Perfect for Autumn and Spring. Possibly never released, as this was purchased at a sample sale back in BC. Tagged Large, and fits closer to a Large than current W+H offerings/sizing. One of the leather buttons is missing. $260 $210. Price includes shipping CONUS/Canada. Paypal friends and family, or add 4%.
As new. Fits true to size. Price includes shipping CONUS/Canada. Paypal friends and family, or add 4%.
Gorgeous California-made Golden Bear goat suede and wool varsity jacket. Purchased 2015. As new, with the exception of two spots not worth mentioning. Tagged Large, but fits about a half-size smaller - like a roomy medium. Retail was just shy of $1,000. Price includes shipping CONUS/Canada.
Made in Japan. Rugged wool/angora blend. Textured and woven with brass accents throughout (one missing). Hardly worn, but pills easily which adds to the look. Tagged 40R. Fits like a true, fitted OTR medium. $165 pp gift or add 4%.
Difficult to part with this one. Worn through winter 2014/2015 then stored. In excellent condition with the mildest of pilling. Lovely grey herringbone fabric with a touches of peach and blue. Very soft hand. Two pockets, one internal chest pocket still sealed. Single vent rear. Tagged Large. Fits like a conventional - if *slightly* roomy - medium. 85% wool, 15% polyamide, 100% viscose lining.
Couldn't ask for a better patina. Fits like a true, snug medium. Tagged 40R. Sherpa must be faux. In very good shape. Made in USA. $105 shipped pp gift or add 4%.
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