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Made in Italy. 95% wool, 5% cashmere. Heavyweight flannel for winter. Perfect rich, dark brown/caramel pinstripe. Two button. Soft shoulders. Dual vent. Beautiful, trim classic cut. Pants are flat-front. Fasteners reduce/increase waist size by a solid 1.5”-2”. Barely worn. Like new condition. Sold with great reluctance - it's really like something out of the movies. $385 $335 shipped pp gift or add 4%. Jacket Chest: 20.5 Waist: 19.5 Sleeve: 25.5 non-functioning...
Made in Italy. 96% wool, 4% elastane, 100% viscose interior. Beautiful, soft hand, soft shoulders, soft black. An elegant power suit in the Anthony cut. Two button, dual vent. Drop 7. Flat front trousers tagged "33". Worn sparingly, with no stains or scents. To my surprise, I did notice some stitching coming loose around the armholes. Pictured. (Should be a quick fix for any tailor). $395 $345 $315 shipped pp gift or add 4%. Jacket Chest: 20.5” Waist: 17.5” Sleeves:...
I own this and wore it through most of this winter in Ontario. Good for up to -5 celsius. The hood helps a lot (warm head = warm thoughts). Great jacket, but not uber-technical warm. Fits TTS.
Daaaaaaamn. Keep this. Or give it to your best friend at his bachelor party. Or your future son when he starts to date. But keep this.
BNWT. Gorgeous fabrics and YKK hardware. Unregistered, with Filson Oil Finish Wax. Medium. Fits true to size. From Filson's website $190 fee-less payment shipped CONUS/Canada.
Brand new in box. $129 shipped CONUS/Canada. Personal payment via paypal.
Purchased new this winter. Worn a half dozen times. 9F, which feels like a wide 9.5 or natural 10 to me. In excellent condition. No box. $129 shipped CONUS/Canada. Paypal personal.
Collaboration between Alden and some trendy menswear shop from a couple years back. I've worn them a couple dozen times. Conditioned regularly. Added rubber to the sole for longevity and comfort. Should last another decade. They look better and better with wear. 9.5 B/D in the Barrie last. No box. $144 $129 $115 shipped CONUS/Canada. Paypal personal payment.
Fall's here. Stay warm and look properly lumber sexual.
Bought this shirt from the taxgenius years ago, and it's sat in my closet ever since. Never worn, washed or cleaned. Not a mark on it. Sadly, it's a size too small for me. I've kept it because it's gorgeous. A super thin but non-porous, substantial cotton that's great for dining, a night out etc. Trim 15.5 with a perfect OTR fit. No ballooning shoulders or insane sleeves. Key tones are a muted lime, tangerines, with strong, rich blue striping. $109 $99 shipped...
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