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Your pocket would have plenty of room after paying for that baby.
There was a early version of a automatic watch made durin.g the 20's that was referred as a rollie. I cannot recall the name of the watch, but it used a rolling movement to wind the watch. The watch used the movement of the watch in the case as a method to wind. I have references but they are currently in storeage. The watch rolled back and forth on small wheels as a winding method. They were not very successful. They proceeded the Harward watches. There was a...
I own several Rolexes but have never owned a Rollie.
What is a Rollie?
I like your cufflink, Simple and elegant, Adds to the overall beauty of the A Lange and Sohne watch.
Beautiful Patrmony Contemporaine Small Model #81530/000r-9682:happy:
To buy a good or expensive watch takes a simple formula. Savings x Time x Patience = Watch. For years I wore a watch given to me by my mother(a Wyler) which I still own. I used the same formula to purchase my OMAS fountain pen.
I will never wear a quartz watch. I had a friend of my mother's who was a Swiss master watchmaker. He taught me the beauty of mechanical movements. There are some high cost quartz watches, but they in the long run do not retain the value of a quartz watch. To me, a good mechanical watch displays the soul of its maker while a quartz is souless creation.ADDendum: If you do like quartz watches, make sure that it does not look like it came from a cracker jacks box. I...
You choose your mode of dress to show respect for others. A person who elects to aquire lower priced items displays little respect for his fellow person. I make a modest income (under $40k but I know that spending money on my shoes and other attire saves me money in the long run. As in respect to shoes, cheap shoes can lead to problems later. Three things to consider when buying shoes, the length (size), width, and last(form). A cheap watch relays to others "I don't...
$4k for a good watch is the beginning price. Add diamonds and you talking at least $30k for a good watch. I know that there are diamond watches under 30K but they usually have low grade diamonds. Omega, Tag Huer, Jaeger Lecoultre, and IWC have models that cost approximately $4k. It is worth the cost on a better grade watch. I currently wear a Rolex Air King which runs curfrently new $4.5K but you can find one for $2K on the use watch market. There expense placed in a...
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