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I still love the E39 interior. Especially if the car is with BMW Individual elements.
GUYS! TOP NEWS! Patrizio just sent me a picture of the ancient thirst for our group order ties!
Good morning!
Why do you complain?Nice carpet, suede shoes, silk rolls.. what else do you want to see?
I thought exactly the same...
If I am not totally wrong and mistaken this is a picture from SeamasterLux. Not drapperrsssè but Caccioppoli.Copied Ripense by a HK tailor?!
Since Dugdale was mentioned already:http://www.dugdalebros.com/online-shop/royal-classic-bunch-130/9751/
You did not find it since it is not being sold...
Cool smoking action.I do not like the cuffed jeans and the velvet collar.How heavy is the coat?
Ja Sir!Come on, give him a break. I ordered the shirts ONLY two years ago...
New Posts  All Forums: