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Compulsive liar!!!
Sales are on, site is down I managed to get to the frontpage once, ever since I get an ugly 502 bad gateway.
Go and draw a comic then...
Thank you sir!For the sake of completeness:Overcoat - Raffaele IorioJacket - Raffaele IorioTrousers - Raffaele IorioShirt - Camiceria Le Tre MTie - Patrizio CappelliPS - RubinacciLoafers - Alfred Sargent
Herr Dirscherl, my tailor did what you called utter nonsense, I do not consider him a conman.Would you please answer my previous question?
Leather pocket square?
Merry Christmas! [[SPOILER]]
For very true real genuine bespoke - a question to you, are you a bespoke customer? if so, who is your tailor?
Sorry but I disagree. In my experience 1 fitting can be enough and a suit can be completed within one week...
+1 - even though I have a housemaid I do not let her iron the shirts.
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