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You might find something at suit supply http://eu.suitsupply.com/en_RU/jackets?prefn1=fitID&prefv1=Double%20Breasted
Would like to have 4m too.
The manufacturer is Mario Talarico from Naples, Italy. Not too sure about their ability to produce large quantities...
Mimo, did you order already?
Quick iPhone shot - I think it demonstrates the "suityness" of the cloth quite well....
Single office, own heater and a window that actually opens
+1 - got the upper one as a suit, my dad got the blue fresco made up.
Regarding shoes - have a look at Otisopse for nicely designed, cheap shoes. Their shop is located south of Ponte Vecchio - near the Mannina shop - they make great shoes too, they are more pricey however. I spent a year in Tuscany too - I loved it
C, 3m.
He would accept your offer with pleasure - it is a special SF discount though...!
New Posts  All Forums: