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+1Look at this picture from a few years agoNo #dandyelegant shoulder, glasses, exploding parrot pocket square, ancient vintage thirst, no obvious HAND MANIPULATIONS... short sleeves....Call it accountant chic.
I imagine your avatar wrapped in a camel coat....
By the way - some years ago Luca introduced himself as "the son of Mariano Rubinacci" to me.So whatever Mariano does... Luca is his son.
But its all pear-shaped. We know that.Look at the disaster C&A posted earlier on
The purpose might be the collection of kickbacks by Mr. C.
Do you want the poor old man to turn blind?
Untypical Royal Oak Offshore.He should be wearing a Rolex... or maybe a Nautilus ;-)
Did not get any more beautifulUsed to be a nice sofa back in 1974 I guess
Btw.... in the former Soviet countries these kind of caps are very popular amongst so-called "Gopniki".They wear light "loafers" in wintertime too.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GopnikIn a nutshell - great choice for Kazakhstan
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