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No tailor can do something out of your pear-shaped-man-titted-triple-chinned physique
Sig. Paone should be making some dutch customers happy today
You mean the WASP and congressman-turned-taylorze AndreaS???
you are riding the thirst time machine....
i am sure that this was his very intention
5.PLUSYou fair to unnastan Woobinotchee till have ereven pisses!
But Marco you have no evidence! Please show me the official statement by the tailor together with the tailor's company stamp and signature of both him and his financial director!!!
+1really sexy holes;-)
+1Look at this picture from a few years agoNo #dandyelegant shoulder, glasses, exploding parrot pocket square, ancient vintage thirst, no obvious HAND MANIPULATIONS... short sleeves....Call it accountant chic.
I imagine your avatar wrapped in a camel coat....
New Posts  All Forums: