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Tell her I said her time is more expensive than that
Now how many exotic leather Birkins did you have to buy for that?
I think a Rolling Stones tongue patch would be much cuter.
True... one could even get a Daydate for $5.000 on a leather strap...
I'd get a Rolex Datejust for up to $2.500 and use the rest of the cash for something else...
Question: why is CMT no tailoring in your opinion?
read teh threadsorri
I found it even funnier that he expected another material
Looking for a nice blue crocodile strap for my Breguet Marine 5817BA/12/9V8 (or maybe other colours too...) I am based in Europe. Any ideas where to look for one? Thanks.
Almost forgot to mention... I got the shirts. They fit. All okay...
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