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one final fitting once it's done
My same old non-mystery tailor Raffaele Iorio...
our mate pat has the best choices!
New bespoke projects... 1x Suit: Minnis Rangoon in navy 1x Suit: Minnis Rangoon in Grey/ Blue POW 1x Suit: Caccioppoli cotton solaro 1x Jacket: Caccioppoli Granulare linen in mid-blue 1x Jacket: Caccioppoli Wool/ Silk/ Linen 340105 - blue with pale white overcheck 2x Trousers: beige and red cotton Waiting...
My unlined lined 3 fold Cappelli tie...
only hand manipulations
Could you please elaborate what is that bad?Always willing to learn! Thanks
do you see the navy trousers of the man?a recipe for disaster
another idea might be w bill!w-bill-linen/c1efo
if you google around you find some information on japanese websites...for example:
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