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LOL @ your postLOL @ the mod highlighting
and wearing only swimshorts at the pool is an even bigger advantage...
Careful!Now you get RTW made to bespoke standards.What if it becomes bespoke made to RTW standards???
You are so right!A pity that he left Rubinacci, innit?And those cut-throat travel arrangers are also not needed since Gennaro speaks Dutch, Chinese and English anyway!
I am sure he smells of Borotalco and that hair...!
lulz and wai discuss this aide of a rubinacci seamstress?
sorry but andreotti = caraceni
I happen to know the unlucky wearer of that dbthis is the best shape one can achieveimagine humpty-dumpty in a shorter and broader waystanding on two toothpicksthe tailor did a very very very good job, believe me
Tell her I said her time is more expensive than that
Now how many exotic leather Birkins did you have to buy for that?
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