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Does anybody have pictures of the Hardy Minnis 9244 slate blue linen made up? Thinking of getting a sportscoat out of it.
Better go for the Bistecca alla Fiorentina...
The city might be empty and many places might be closed.
If I am not mistaken it is from one of the ebay shops that were previously presented in this thread - I liked this one too.
In Moscow I pay about €0.70 per liter of 95 Octane petrol. I guess it is one of the only cheap things over here. Well, taking into consideration that Russia is an oil-producing country it cannot even be called cheap.
Could be Minnis 0304 flannel.
I get double pleats on all my bespoke trousers - I like them.
Gambit50 = compulsive liar
Do not worry - I have a contrast collar shirt with cuffs matching the body too and I am still alive...
Compulsive liar!!!
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