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Because of you the Paones just started working as seamstresses at Rubinacci.
Ciao Enrico,thanks for your reply.Right now I am rather looking for experiences of other clients...
May I remind you that we are practicing cyber-love via whatsapp daily???Yes it is him...
I received the first message too.Thank you for being here to deliver the second one!
Some additional info...Tailor:Raffaele Iorio, NaplesStyle:manica a mappina on all of them, 3-roll-2.welted breast pocket and hip patch pockets for the sport coats, 1 button on the sleeveswelted breast pocket and jetted pockets for the suits, 4 buttons on the sleevestrousers with double pleats and cuffs
Hi, does anyone of you have any experience with Velasca Milano shoes? I have recently read about them due to their aggressive social media campaign. http://www.velasca.com They are roughly in the same price segment as the classical Meermin line. However no MTOs as it seems.
Sure...The stuff is not with me yet; not 100% about everything. Had it shipped to a safe country; not to Russia ;-)Pic 1:Green Herringbone lambswool - I think Holland and SherryGrey/blue lambswool with green overcheckPeach herringbone cashmere - H&SHardy Minnis Lambswool 7701Pic 2:a friend's jacket - no cluePOW Cashmere. Found it in a cabinet at my tailor's - no further infoa friend's jacket - no cluePic 3:Hardy Minnis Herringbone suitPic 4:Hardy Minnis Sharkskin suit
Xmas 2017
Looks like there will be a happy end. We talked - the shirts are in the making... Hope to give one final update soon
Some stuff arrived....
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