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I am 1.80m tall and 2.8 (better 3m) is enough for my tailor to make up a suit. So keep on trying
House style, do not go to him if your taste is not that developed yet!
http://fashionmansuits.blogspot.de/2012/12/the-rising-custom-starantonio-panico.htmlVery good article - nice pics of his suits too.
Any idea where to get some raw silk?I saw one suit made from it recently and cannot stop thinking of it ever since...
Why feel sorry for a person who has been lying and stealing?Oh right, Australia is a former penal colony.
It shall cover your p00p3r.
White and yellowvery dandyi see it with a nice solarowith a nice panamaand a two-tone gladietor to toe
How many yearson its shoulders?
So editmuch quicksuch cleververy lawyerancient knowledge100 years ago, foundations of emerekacomplimenti
Consider bright yellow and raw silk.Best hemmed by hand.
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