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ph33r C&A and his orange orthodox knights!
He is writing in his native language and uses google translate - so your argument does not count, sorry.
What many people do not seem to understand - nobody is parodying GC's language ability... what is being parodied is the fact that he keeps on repeating the same stupid phrases over and over and over and over.
VERY elegant shirtings - complimenti!
This beautiful tie told me that it would prefer to be knotted differently.
Gianni do you have a bordeaux MontBlanc too?I find them very elegant.
A 2 meter width is something also I have never seen yet.
wat een mooie pakken
Not for me
I am 1.80m tall and 2.8 (better 3m) is enough for my tailor to make up a suit. So keep on trying
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