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Lots of Borotalco
@Gianni Cerutti can we expect some kind of answer from your side?
Welcome back.In my opinion this is very ugly.Please enjoy it anyway.
I still love the E39 interior. Especially if the car is with BMW Individual elements.
GUYS! TOP NEWS! Patrizio just sent me a picture of the ancient thirst for our group order ties!
Good morning!
Why do you complain?Nice carpet, suede shoes, silk rolls.. what else do you want to see?
I thought exactly the same...
If I am not totally wrong and mistaken this is a picture from SeamasterLux. Not drapperrsssè but Caccioppoli.Copied Ripense by a HK tailor?!
Since Dugdale was mentioned already:http://www.dugdalebros.com/online-shop/royal-classic-bunch-130/9751/
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