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I manage to communicate in Italian - I have heard of people who used their smartphones in order to talk to their tailors. Would be a bit too risky for me though... So, your night class would help
Very good fit - will travel to Naples this week in order to tweak some minor things on the pattern. I hope I will be able to post more pictures by then... finally!
I understand the love
Barcelona Bel y Cia Duesseldorf Schlichtmann Frankfurt / Main Diehl & Diehl Naples Magnifique Rome Battistoni
It would be even better to see more pics of Gaeta
Looking good with lots of sexy handwork! Already decided which configuration you like most?
Bought these loafers in the barcelona shop today. Saw a pair of dark blue cordovan brogues; thinking about them...
I agree, Patrizio is a great guy - the best solution is to visit him in Naples, look at the silks in person and have some pizza with him :-)
Suit and tie is the standard in my office. No negative comments from colleagues at all - I was only asked twice who my tailor is.
They have become a lot more expensive lately plus they stopped sending swatches. I agree regarding the linen - the HFW / Minnis linen is a lot better.
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