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Somehow screams 1990s...
Maybe you could find something here.... http://www.hfwltd.com/bobb.php?b=dsc&c=1&p=1
Long hair is good. Just make sure that your jacket collar fits properly.
Had the same event over here as well - loads and loads of hot girls around.... as always.
The panda seats are nice. BMW Individual?Edit: awfully small rims btw.
Here in Russia it is the norm to take off your shoes when you enter a flat / house; however house slippers are provided in 99% of the cases.
Do not buy a MINI - it looks like you are trying to be HIP - it is so BERLINish... 30 yr old graphic designers from Berlin wearing thick black rimmed glasses on their emo faces drive mini.....
More pics would be helpful - are they worn? Thanks in advance.
Looks like his place got high ceilings - that is definately a plus.
Why are 5-year-old threads being revived?!
New Posts  All Forums: