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...noticed this thread too late...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ravi Looks like shit. Go buy some cheap shoe and stop worrying about a little rain. Shoes are meant to be disposible not worn for 20 years ...how DARE you? People here INVEST in shoes...
http://wclass.ru/images/resize.php?w...f966e3636b.jpg http://wclass.ru/images/resize.php?w...b476e4e1e1.jpg http://wclass.ru/images/resize.php?w...d5e07714ae.jpg http://wclass.ru/images/resize.php?w...a76caba9cd.jpg http://wclass.ru/images/resize.php?w...832210e8cd.jpg http://wclass.ru/images/resize.php?w...4ff573c2a9.jpg ...somehow the pictures won't show....
I got a watch, a Breguet.
Quote: Originally Posted by BerryWall The Duke and Duchess traveled with an enormous amount of luggage. A trip to a Canadian ranch was made with 148 pieces of luggage. ...was it the Château Montebello?
Monogram, of course.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero My mom's family originated from Oberhausen. I hear there's a big mall. There indeed is one - however nothing would satisfy the needs of the average SFer
Oberhausen, Germany Frankfurt, Germany Munich, Germany Moscow, Russian Federation
Quote: Originally Posted by banis Loafers? No overcoat? Are we in different cities?
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