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Quote: Originally Posted by banis Will do after its arrival. As for the Finamore in Russia - yeah, I think that they are quite successful. I don't know who are main clients, but there quite a lot of them. The same situation is with many other brands - Isaia, Partenopea, La Vera, etc. For example, Ulturale ties are sold here for almost 300 Euro. Kiton ties I saw with the price tag of 400 EUR. It is really a crazy market in some spheres. No...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pezzaturra Adjika from Georgia. That is a good one - but not really hot...
Quote: Originally Posted by Canadian "I've got 200 bucks to spend on you. Let's go nuts" I LOLed.
Limiting yourself to 3 cities is a good idea. I would also consider visiting Munich and Hamburg in Germany.
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD Waiting... ...me too... want some good snark on a hungover day...
Finnish style is to travel to Estonia, get drunk, ripped off, robbed and return home happily.
Quote: Originally Posted by Insensitive Lots of really nice pictures in this thread - but that picture cracked me up... it was taken here in Moscow, on the Red Square in front of Saint Basil's Cathedral - would love to have the big picture with the cathedral in the background....
At Zilli you could have gotten less for more.
I am afraid that I will either way be forced to have a glass of this... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sovetskoye_Shampanskoye
Quote: Originally Posted by mkarim +1000000000000 Ze rashan not likes uzing ze hends.
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