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Quote: Originally Posted by Will A three roll two is what you get when your dry cleaner presses a three button suit. They turned one of my 3-roll-2s into a high three button....
Fur all the way! Go for it - it is a nice coat after all.
Quote: Originally Posted by bodegahwy We do very well with these: Beautiful leather, quality construction. They have wonderful foam insoles inside the leather footbed that are comfortable to stand on all day. They are made by a spanish company called Pikolinos and come in european sizing. I find the sizing to be right on. We offer several other nice sandals as well during the season, but this is the best seller. wow - incredibly...
Quote: Originally Posted by SergoFan Yes. But antique made by me Just don't spoil them in our lovely moscow weather
In Napoli where Tweed is king...
Quote: Originally Posted by BareSolid You believe suede appropriate to wear with a navy or charcoal suit? Yes, very very. Was wearing brown suede shoes today with a charcoal suit, light blue shirt and solid dark blue cashmere tie.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar I quite like the Derwent...Do you wear them with suits? As i do own around 7 or 8 navy suits of different shades , the Derwent , like the Jermyn II, looks like a good conservative shoes to wear with them Unfortunately it is only a pic off the net. So far I did not have the balls to buy blue shoes, always say to myself that there are thousands of shades of brown I do not own yet
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin I like this. However, blue is my favorite color and there is none more blue than this.
What you described - in navy and unlined - as a 3-roll-2 with one cuff button - the buttons made of mop.
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl as sterling said, there are quite a number of places, where you can have them. you should ask yourself: how often will you really wear them? what kind of money are you willing to spend? a bespoke deer skin with complex stitching can go up to 5 k euros, no kidding. this is a nice shop in munich: http://www.loden-frey.de and they stock meindl products, which are a good bang for the buck. here is a...
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