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In for +3m.
Go and visit the shop My ties arrived already - sorry for the bad phone pics:
I bought the umbrella in Naples - directly from Mario Talarico.
I am getting 4.5cm which translates into 1.77 inches. For your reference, I am 1.80m tall.
I have a suit made from 0518. It is really dark - I would not get a summer jacket made from that cloth.Would be in for 3m of the tobacco fresco.
Thanks. It is striped Canadian hickory!
New Talarico!
From my recent visit to Cappelli... Big choice as always: My picks:
By the way, since the buttonholes look so nice - could you take some more detailed pics of the rest of the handwork? Grazie!
The buttonholes look good!I like the honest statement on the label too
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