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who talks you out of one button and why?best choice for sportcoats imo
Wearing your pyjama in the club?
sorry, cannot help... just had a look at their website and it does not really help either.maybe you contact them directly? or talk to jodek?here is an overview of what you are possibly looking for...,com_dbquery/Itemid,7/task,ExecuteQuery/qid,3/previousTask,PrepareQuery/
I'd say the colours are like that:SalmonDark BlueLight Blue
a pleasure my dear friend!
Drapers makes / used to make a similar herringbone jacketing.Very nice - that is why I got one...
silk/linen i thinkdont really remember to be honest
ordered in naples arrived quicker than i came home excellent
If you order a sfoderata you get an untipped but lined tie
Danke, dear
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