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I see it very well with a nice solaro. A panama hat. And with a nice two-tone Gladietor to toe.
In case the paletot is RED and the ancient silk printed by inque-jette
Beau BrummelTight trouserhugsnutsmuch warm
Very combinationMuch dandySo complimentiwow
Grey sport coat?Lavender shirt?Black trousers?Plaster-coloured shoes?Complimenti, very elegant
It is quite simple - with MTO you get what you want whereas in the outlet you have to take what is there. +€30 is not that massive in my opinion....
Thank you for this interesting information - really makes me think about the possibilities to reproduce old designs with new technologies!
http://www.shibumi-berlin.com/Socks:::19.html?MODsid=d6c4455b001366718851b16f3105469bShibumi stocks them too.
Yes, default is self-tipped - at least for printed silks. One regimental tie I have (brown/ blue) has blue tipping.
Nice entry.We still got 5°C over here - will not participate in this one....
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