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Looking for a nice blue crocodile strap for my Breguet Marine 5817BA/12/9V8 (or maybe other colours too...) I am based in Europe. Any ideas where to look for one? Thanks.
Almost forgot to mention... I got the shirts. They fit. All okay...
slightly cheaper than a flight to napoli
1. there are lots of tailors in naples which take €600-800 cmt; you just need to speak italian, be introduced to them and travel to naples for that2. $600 for ~3m of fabric is very very much
Talk to Herr Dietl
the light blue contrast stitching is even festive! complimenti!
LE sigh
just where does he stare?
dear friend customers.... the shirts are ready! by now they are in the safe hands of @T4phage will receive them soon i hope they will fit ; - )
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